Sunday, May 17, 2015
Webinar: Strategies for Success that Work: at Home and in the Community

Location: Online
Register: Click HERE
Presented By: The Charge Syndrome Foundation
More information: Click HERE​. This session focuses on the interaction between communication, behavior, and sensory needs and strategies that can assist the individual with CHARGE to feel successful.  Our presenters share common strategies that can be effective when interacting with individuals with CHARGE and relate them to challenging situations such as a sensory need, a behavior, or a time when a child cannot communicate clearly what he/she needs.  Martha, Sharon and Christa show video and photo examples of a needs board, choice board, and sensory choices.  The session includes a suggested list of "when this happens...try this strategy."  One of our presenters' favorite strategies is the "art of negotiation."

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
The Importance of Touch and Hands for Children and Youth with Deafblindness and/or Multiple Disabilities

Location: Stoney Creek Inn, Columbia, MO
Register: Click HERE to register. 
Registration Fee: Free
Presented By: Missouri School for the Blind. Presenter is Barbara Miles (Perkins School for the Blind and Author of Remarkable Conversations).
More information: Click HERE to view the website and click HERE​ to print the flyer.  This workshop will provide instruction in techniques for respectful, educational and conversational use of touch. 

Mon.-Wed., June 22-24, 2015
Cortical Visual Impairment: A Focus on Phase III Learners

Location: University of Maryland, College Park
Register: Click HERE​. Deadline is May 13, 2015
More information:  
The Institute is designed for participants who have experience and prior knowledge of CVI. This is not an introductory course!  This workshop is designed to provide assessment and educational information regarding Cortical Visual Impairment, specifically children who score in Phase III on The CVI Range. Participants will gain knowledge and skill to better identify, assess, and educate children with CVI.  Topics will include general assessment and intervention strategies, environmental modifications, orientation and mobility, pre-literacy and literacy learning strategies for children in Phase III. Discussion, videotapes, and hands-on activities will be utilized to enrich the content.

Mon.-Thurs., June 22-25, 2015
Camp Abilities Michigan

Location: Wayne State University, MI
Register: Click HERE. For ages 8-17.
More information:  Click HERE​. Camp Abilities is staffed by adapted P.E. teachers and VI teachers.  Activities include goalball, beep baseball, beep kickball, rock climbing, and arts and crafts.  Last year was the first year and it was a lot of fun!

Thurs. - Sun., June 24-28, 2015
19th Annual DeafBlind Workshop

Location: Holley Family Village, Brooklyn, MI  
Register: Registration forms will be mailed out in March, 2015. If you are interested, please email Jill Gaus at​ or text 517.414.1740
More information: Click HERE​​ to print the flyer.  This workshop is for DeafBlind, Interpreters, Advanced ITP students and CART providers. 

Fri. - Sun., June 26-28, 2015
Family Weekend at Camp Tuhsmeheta

Location: Greenville, MI  
Register: Click HERE​Registration deadline is June 17, 2015.
Registration Fee: $20 per family
More information:
 Click HERE​. Camp Tuhsmeheta is a rugged, outdoor camp facility.  The camp trails, waterfront and activities are all designed to challenge, test and push campers beyond what they ever thought possible.

Beginning Sunday, June 28, 2015
Bear Lake Summer Camps

Location: Lapeer, MI
Register:  Click HERE
Registration Fee:  $50
More information: Click HERE
Bear Lake Camp offers two separate one week sessions for blind and visually impaired youth.  The sessions are developed and coordinated by a teacher of the blind and visually impaired.  It focuses on having fun while developing self-concepts, relationship learning, independence with daily living skills and acquiring outdoor skills. Both sessions include: swimming, hiking, crafts, nature, archery, teambuilding course, rock wall and zip line.  Older campers have the option to  participate in leadership development activities.  

June 28 Noon - 3pm:  Bear Lake Camp Open House
June 26-28:  Deaf and Hard of Hearing Weekend Family Camp
July 5-11:  Visually Impaired and Blind Youth Sessions - Level One
July 19-25:  Visually Impaired and Blind Youth Sessions - Level Two

Beginning Sunday, June 28, 2015
Bureau of Services for Blind Persons - Summer Youth Programs

Location & Registration: Varies (see below)  
More information: Click HERE​ to view this summer's youth program opportunities for Transition Youth who are legally blind.  To take advantage of these summer programs, students must be a BSBP consumer.  Please contact BSBP at 800-292-4200 if you do not know who to contact to sign a student up for Vocational Rehabilitation Services with BSBP.

Fri. - Wed., June 26-July 3, 2015
Summer Experience Camp Application Time

Location:  Rochester Hills, MI
Register:  Click HERE. ​Registration applications due April 1, 2015
Registration Fee:  Free, including travel to/from Leader Dogs for the Blind
More information: Click HERE​.  Summer at Leader Dog means one great, loud, wonderfully exciting week of Summer Experience Camp with a large group of teenagers! In late June we’ll be hosting over 20 kids who will have one of the best week of their lives—kayaking, tandem biking, rock wall climbing, hanging with peers and learning more about what life might be like traveling with a Leader Dog. They also receive a free Humanware Trekker Breeze GPS and learn how to use it to expand their travel areas. Many of these kids hear about our Summer Experience program from you, the professionals that work with them throughout the year. So if you know a 16 or 17 year old who is visually impaired that might like to attend camp, have them check out our website.

Mon. - Fri., August 10-14, 2015
Explore Our World Camp at Camp Tuhsmeheta

Location: Greenville, MI  
Register: Click HERE​Registration deadline is July 29, 2015.
Registration Fee: $10 per PERSON
More information:
 Click HERE. Camp Tuhsmeheta is a rugged, outdoor camp facility.  The camp trails, waterfront and activities are all designed to challenge, test and push campers beyond what they ever thought possible.



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