​How Can We Help?​​

  • ​If your child has problems with seeing and hearing, or you suspect that he or she does, we may be able to give you valuable information to help your child learn, communicate, play and grow.
  • You may want to learn how other families with children who experience problems with seeing and hearin​g have helped their children grow up to do their best. 
  • You may want to know about your choices when teaching your child to communicate, when selecting a school program, or when planning family activities that include everyone. 
  • You may want to become more involved in the inner workings of our project. We provide training to parents ​who wish to become support for other families.
Please contact us if you are concerned, or have questions about some of these issues.  Please see the Program Information​ page for more details about eligibility and the services that are available.

Exceptional Parent Magazine

​Parenting your child or young adult with a disability or special health care needs has an excellent web site at www.eparent.com. This web site features information from their magazine on resources, toys, technology and healthcare for exceptional parents and children.