About Us

At the undergraduate level, the department offers B.A. degrees and B.S. in Education degrees in several concentrations as both a major and a minor, including world literature and creative writing.

Non-teaching careers for English Majors include: writing/editing, publishing, public relations, law, business and industry, grant writing, banking and many others.  Skills and knowlegde acquired through the study of English include the ability to: adapt ideas, analyze complex ideas, argue logically, communicate accurately, clearly, concisely and coherently, define, design and direct projects, gather information, generate ideas, influence and persuade, inform and explain, interpret instructions, justify decisions, question conventions, read for tone, rewite and edit, summarize information and synthesize ideas from multiple sources. 

At the graduate level, the department offers M.A. degrees in five specializations: (1) English Language and Literature, which now includes options in  (2) Creative Writing or (3) Children's Literature; (4) Composition and Communication; and (5) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Faculty in the department are active in a number of areas, producing literary works as well as doing research in literature, linguistics, and pedagogical theory.

Contact Us

To learn more about CMU's undergraduate English programs, contact:

Department of English Language and Literature
Anspach Hall 215
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, Michigan 48859
Telephone: (989) 774-3171

Or email english@cmich.edu

For an application to a graduate program, contact:

College of Graduate Studies