·       Position: Assistant Professor and Director of the Writing Center

·       Department: English

·       Campus Address: 212B Anspach

·       Phone: x3275

·       Email: lawso3d@cmich.edu


Courses: ENG 510, ENG 099, ENG 299, ELI 099

Degrees and Universities:

M.A., English, Northern Michigan University 2006

PhD, Rhetoric and Writing, Virginia Tech 2011


Peer-Reviewed Articles

 "Tutoring, Jouissance, and Correction Static." Academic Exchange Quarterly 16.4 (Winter 2012).

 "Grounding Peer Review in Genre and Rhetorical Situation." Journal of College Writing 10 (2010):


Chapters in Edited Collections

"Why Linearity is Not the Issue: Or, The New Work of Composing is Much Like the Old, Only

Different." Written with Diana George and Tim Lockridge. In The New Work of Composing. Computers & Composition Digital Press. 2012.

"Challenging the Rules and Roles of Gaming: Griefing as Rhetorical Action." Written with Evan

Snider and Tim Lockridge. In Guns, Grenades, and Grunts: The First-Person Shooter. Continuum International Publishing Group (Approaches to Digital Game Studies Series). 2012.

Book Reviews

Ambient Rhetoric: The Attunements of Rhetorical Being by Thomas Rickert. Choice.

December 2013.

Breaking Open the Box: A Guide to Creative Techniques to Improve Academic Writing and Generate

Critical Thinking by Nancy Dafoe. Choice. September 2013.