• Position: Professor
  • Campus Address: Anspach 301-I
  • Phone: 989-774-2666
  • Email: patte2dj@cmich.edu

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Introduction to Literary Analysis (ENG 234)
  • Early American Literature (ENG 251 and 351)
  • American Romanticism (ENG 352)

Undergraduate Senior Seminars:

(ENG 345, 435, 460 and 559)

  • American Nature Writing
  • The Life and Works of John James Audubon
  • Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species
  • Ecocriticism and American Fiction
  • Literature and Environment
  • Evolutionary Biology and Literary Studies
  • The Journals of Lewis and Clark
  • Major American Writers:  Henry David Thoreau
  • Moby Dick
  • The Concept of Place in Literary Studeis:  Michigan
  • The Literary Representation of Nature:  Huboldt, Darwin, Audubon, and Carson

Graduate Seminars:

  • The Early American Novel
  • The Varieties of Nature in American Romanticism

Degrees and Universities:

  • Kent State University, PhD, 1985
  • Kent State University, MA, 1980
  • Clemson University, BA, 1975


The Missouri River Journals of John James Audubon.​ Lincoln: The University of Nebraska Press. Forthcoming, 2016.

John James Audubon's Journal of 1826: The Voyage to The Birds of America. Lincoln: The           University of Nebraska Press, 2011.

Early American Nature Writers: A Biographical Encyclopedia.  Westport, Connecticut:   Greenwood Press, 2008.

Edward Taylor's Gods Determinations and Preparatory Meditations: A Critical Edition.          Kent    State University Press, 2003.

Essays on Nature and Landscape by Susan Fenimore Cooper.  Introduction by Daniel Patterson.   Foreword by John Elder.  University of Georgia Press, 2002.

Susan Fenimore Cooper: New Essays on Rural Hours and Other Works.  Co-edited with      Rochelle Johnson.  Foreword by Lawrence Buell.  University of Georgia Press, 2001.

Rural Hours, by Susan Fenimore Cooper.  Co-edited with Rochelle Johnson.  University       of Georgia Press, 1998.

Reading the Earth: New Directions in the Study of Literature and Environment.  Co-edited with Michael Branch, Rochelle Johnson, and Scott Slovic.  University of Idaho Press, 1998.

In Progress:

Lucy Bakewell Audubon

Professional Organizations:

Association for the Study of Literature and Environment