• ​Position: Professor of English and Department Chairperson
  • Department: English Language & Literature
  • Campus Address: Anspach 215
  • Phone: 989-774-3171

Email: wandl1wh@cmich.edu

Areas of Expertise:

​British literature of the Long Eighteenth Century (1660-1820); origins and history of the British novel; narrative theory and semiotics; satire; experimental fiction; popular culture; genre theory

Courses Taught:

English 134:  Introduction to Literature
English 201:  Intermediate Composition
English 234:  Introduction to Literary Analysis
English 235:  British Literature: Beginning to Romantic Period
English 236:  British Literature:  Romantic Period to the Present
English 261:  Masterpieces of Ancient Literature
English 262:  Masterpieces of European Literature
English 321:  20th-Century British and American Poetry
English 324:  Popular Culture in America
English 326:  Literary Dimensions of Film
English 330:  Mythological Backgrounds of Western Literature
English 337:  Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature
English 339:  Victorian Literature and Thought
English 345:  Studies in Authors
English 395A:  Special Topics – Genre Theory in Practice
English 439:  English Romantic Poetry and Prose
English 442:  The British Novel 
English 460:  Senior Seminar – Cannibal Culture
English 635B:  Seminar in British Literature
English 636:  Seminar in Critical Problems
Honors 321A:  Dark and Handsome – Studies in Duality 


William H. Wandless is a professor at Central Michigan University, where he specializes in British literature of the long eighteenth century (1660-1820). In 2006 he returned to writing poetry and speculative fiction. His verse appears in Brooklyn Review, Cincinnati Review, New Delta Review and other literary journals and will soon appear in Pearl, The Potomac Review, and Permafrost. His short fiction appears or will soon appear in Realms of Fantasy, Whispers of Wickedness, Dark Realms, and other extraordinary places. ​

Degrees and Universities

B.A. in English, Virginia Wesleyan College, 1992
M.A. in English, Radford University, 1997
Ph.D. in English, Emory University, 2002

Recent publications

"Palimpsest" and "The Bachelor's Arcana:  Nocturne."  Poetry.  The Roanoke Review, Fall 2012.

"The January Man."  Short fiction. Dark Eclipse 14, August 2012.

"The Man Who Loved Romantic Comedies."  Poetry.  The GW Review, Fall 2011.

"Spoil the Child:  Unsettling Ethics and the Representation of Evil."  LIT 22.2, Spring 2011.

"A Plague of Ladies."  Short fiction.  British Fantasy Society Journal, Spring 2011.

"Secretaries of the Interior:  Narratorial Collaboration in Sarah Scott's Millenium Hall."  Eighteenth-Century Fiction 21.2, Winter 2008-09.

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