The 4th Annual CMU Conference on English Studies
Dreams Decay Deconstruction

Saturday, October 24th
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Anspach Hall

CMU's Sigma Tau Delta chapter, in conjunction with the Department of E​nglish, invite undergraduate and graduate students to submit abstract proposals for conference papers. Our theme this year is Dreams Decay Deconstruction. Submissions may be directly related to this topic within language and literature, but the theme is open to interpretation including interdisciplinary studies. Specific guidelines and more information concerning submissions can be found at All submissions are to be emailed to:

The 4th Annual CMU Conference on English Studies is intended to promote discussion on the themes of Dreams Decay Deconstruction. Dreams  may represent the hopes, wishes, and desires of people. Without fruition, these aspirations may decay over time or be destroyed in an instant. On the other hand, dreams can help p​eople find hope in times of decay and destruction. The fleeting and intangible properties of dreams also manifest themselves in depictions of the subconscious, which may have the ability to decay sanity or reveal destruction that otherwise would be suppressed.


What are we hiding in our dreams? ​

We will consider autonomy through examination of the ability of the individual to create and subscribe to his or her own beliefs. Conversations about authority will inspire exploration into the values of society. Finally, we will explore the concept of anarchy and its potential to complicate the relationship between autonomy and authority.

Conference Costs*

​Undergraduate students: $15

Graduate Students: $15

Faculty and general public: $20

*A $5 fee with be added to original admission prices for those registering on the day of the event. 

Conference costs include admission to all sessions, panels, and a continental breakfast as well as an informal lunch.

More information and conference updates can be found at: 

Or contact Katelyn Polhemus, Central Michigan University