Images of students taking classes through the English Language Institute at Central Michigan University.

Program Overview

This minor in English as a Second Language (ESL) prepares students to teach English to speakers of other languages in the state of Michigan's K-12 school system.

This program prepares students to enter a diverse classroom with the ability to

  • Work with diverse student populations with varying English language ability
  • Understand the cultural basis of language, and language learning
  • Design appropriate curriculum and materials for English Language Learners
  • Apply the techniques of second language acquisition to instruction and assessment
  • Serve as a resource for their colleagues and community

Program Requirements (24 credit hours)

Required Courses I

ENG 175 - The Nature of Language
ENG 375 - Introduciton to Linguistics
ENG 571 - Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages
ENG 574 - TESOL Materials, Assessment, Curriculum
ENG 577 - Introduction to Second Language Acquisition

Required Courses II

ENG 578 - Applied Sociolinguistics

Electives I 

Select one of the following:

CDO 130 - Normal Speech and Language Acquisition
ENG 573 - Lingusitics and Reading

Electives II

Select one of the following:

COM 195 - Intercultural Communication
SPE 550WI - Teaching Diverse Students in Educaitonal Settings

Our Faculty

Dr. April Burke email | webpage
Dr. Tracy Davis email | webpage
Dr. Rich Forest email | webpage
Dr. Cathy Hicks Kennard email 
Dr. William Spruiell email | webpage

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