​​Great WallThe Chinese Program offers two semesters of Chinese courses. 


CHN 101 Elementary Chinese I 4(4-0)
Designed for students who have had no previous experience with the Chinese language. Basic language skills. Introduction to the culture of China. (University Program Group IV-B)

CHN 102 Elementary Chinese II 4(4-0)
Basic language skills. Continuation of CHN 101. Prerequisite: CHN 101. (University Program Group IV-B)

To learn more about Chinese 101 & Chinese 102, please visit the course website: http://chn101.weebly.com/​


Gabriel Chien Memorial Scholarship

Gabriel ChienThe Gabriel Chien Memorial Fund was created to honor the memory of Gabriel Chien, a former history professor in the College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences. The award encourages students to look at the world from a global and historical perspective, which was Dr. Chien's lifelong commitment.

The scholarship is awarded annually to one student who demonstrates an interest in global and historical perspectives through a written essay.

  • Applicant must submit a written essay that focuses on an aspect of Chinese culture, Sino-American relations, or a comparative study of China
  • Preference given to students enrolled in a department within the College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Paper should be no longer than 10 pages

Deadline: May 13, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.
Award Amount: $1,000
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