Registration, Confirmation and Arrival

HOW TO REGISTER (all forms may be duplicated)

1. Fill out the top half of registration form Reg-1 (yellow), indicating school, teacher, language, number of students attending, and the number of meal tickets desired. Compute the amount due Central Michigan University and enclose payment with other registration materials.

2. Indicate on the bottom half of REGISTRATION FORM (Reg-1) whether your students are entering any talent competitions.
**If NO, your registration is complete. Consult ARRIVAL directions and maps for routes busses should take when coming to campus on April 26.
**If YES, indicate whether you are including/have already sent in the talent competition time slot reservation request form (Forms Reg-3a/b).

Then fill out appropriate parts of Forms Reg-2a/2b ("Types of Competition"). Consult "Criteria For Judging Foreign Language Day Competitions" in planning your entries. Judges' ballots reflect these criteria (in general, weighted equally).

3. If requesting times for talent competitions, fill out Forms Reg-3a/b. If you are sure of having an entry, send in this form in advance of the registration proper. Requests will be prioritized beginning April 5.

CONFIRMATION: Upon close of registration on April 4th, those who requested specific times for talent competitions will receive notice of the time(s) scheduled for them. In addition, all schools will be sent a copy of the program for April 26, to include the rooms for talent competitions. 


1. BE SURE TO HAVE EACH STUDENT BRING HER/HIS PARENTAL CONSENT (HEALTH) FORM. If you wish, have them bring along photocopies of the enclosed campus map.

2. Consult the enlarged map of the north half of the CMU campus for planning your final approach. Busses will be parking in Lot 22, which has two entrances. If you go there directly (recommended if not forced to carry heavy/fragile items), proceed then to Pearce Hall and send one chaperone to Pearce Hall, Room 305 to pick up programs, and to sign in for competitions in which you do not have a reservation/which cannot be reserved. Greeters will be in Lot 22 to show you the route.

If you are bringing large amounts of equipment for displays or a multitude of props and costumes, have the bus go first to Ottawa Court on the south side of Pearce Hall to unload. The driver can then proceed alone to Lot 22, while you sign up for competitions, etc., at Pearce Hall.

3. Please have posters and displays set up by 10:00.
Note: by May 15 competition winners will be posted on the foreign language day web site: