Clubs and Activities

French Club: Le Cercle français

Le Cercle français is open to students of all levels. They sponsor events such as concerts, games and French movies. They share news about trips abroad, and other cultural activities.

le 9 février
332 Pearce           

18 h     La Fable et le conte de fées :  lecture performatives           
(étudiants de FRN 391A)

le 23 février
332 Pearce 

18 h Le Film africain : présentations culturelles
(étudiants de FRN 350)
le 2 mars
Pearce 332
18 h programmation à annoncer
le 23 mars
Pearce 332
18 h programmation à annoncer
le 6 avril
Pearce 332
18 h Angers et son château : présentation culturelle
le 20 avril
Pearce 332
18 h Présentations culturelles (étudiants de FRN 591/417)                               

Conversation Hour at the Kaya Cafe (corner of Bellows and University)

Every Monday at 5-6 pm.

Pi Delta Phi

Pi Delta Phi is the National French Honor Society.

The local chapter, Zeta Omega, initiates new members every Spring semester.

There is a $30.00 fee, which pays for a pin, a certificate, and a membership card.  Members of Pi Delta Phi are registered with the National French Honor Society Office.

Application forms are distributed early each semester to all 300-level or higher French classes.


Admission Requirements
A 3.0 average in French
A 2.8 average in university studies overall
Completion of a 300-level French course
At least one French course completed at CMU



New Members:

Spring 2012
Dr. Elizabeth Brockman (Honorary)
Caitlin Champion
Dr. Laura Cochrane (Honorary)
Patti Cotter (Honorary)
Dr. Leila Ennaili (Honorary)
Jamie Favazza
Rev. Nancy Casey Fulton (Honorary)
Dr. Henry Fulton (Honorary)
Harry Kelley (Honorary)
Rev. Wayne Nicholson (Honorary)
Shureka Nyawalo (Honorary)
Paige Rogers
Dr. Daniela Teodorescu (Honorary)
Kathryn Timm

Spring 2011
Sara Hill
Patrick Kochyan
Dr. Krzysztof Kulawik (Honorary)
Rebecca Myers
David Sellinger
Sarah Zalewski

Spring 2010
Ashley Budzol
Dr. Doina Harsanyi (Honorary)
Megan Haske
Danny Latusek
David Ruzicka
Joshua Utterback
Brittany Waldorf
Andrea Wight
Joseph Witzke

Spring 2009
Lisa Bennett
Jessica Czyzewski
Christy Grusnick
Melissa Hughes
R. Neil Mower (Honorary)
Robin Mower (Honorary)
Alex Pfaff
Keith Phillis

Spring 2008
Lindsay Blackmore
Lauren DeLong
Jacqueline Grimshaw
Michael Pachla
Ryan Mertaugh
Tyler Morkin
Amber Oberski
Carmen Occhipinti
Heather Shock
Shelby Walls

Dr. Christi Brookes
Pearce Hall 305


French Capstone Projects

These webpages are created by CMU French students as part of their capstone course requirements.

French 417 is the required capstone course for French majors and minors. Students must be seniors to enroll.

Students create a webpage, a research project, and/or other appropriate project by:

  • researching a French cultural topic of their choice;
  • creating a Web page or writing a scholarly essay about their project;
  • presenting at the annual Student Research and Creative Endeavors Exhibit at CMU (every April) or SRACE (every November).