Study Abroad

Bielefeld Study Abroad Program

This is a semester in Germany program intended to replace the fourth semester of German language study (GER 202) at CMU, but students beyond the fourth semester are also welcome to participate. Instruction is geared to the students' previous preparation in German. This program has been designed by our faculty especially for CMU students. Students register for and receive 12 credits in German on the 200- or 300- level, depending on their preparation in German.

They live with a German family and participate in all aspects of family life. In addition, each student has a "Tandem" partner, a German university student with whom they meet on a weekly basis. The program includes cultural projects and travel in addition to the morning and afternoon classes Monday through Friday.

The students go as a group, are met at the airport in Frankfurt and taken to Bielefeld. The cost of the program depends on the exchange rage of the dollar to the Euro, but is generally around $4,500. This does not include the cost of air travel to and from Germany. Spending money is at the discretion of the individual. Students choose their return date in advance, thus allowing them to stay and travel during the
summer if they wish.

Advisor: Dr. Daniela Richter

CMU/Federation of German-American Clubs Scholarships

These scholarships provide for a year's study at a German university. Students must have junior standing at CMU to participate in the program, and preference is given to those students who will return to CMU for a full academic year and share their experiences with other students in the German program. Application is made during the fall semester and includes an interview in German. Awardees will participate in the program during the next academic year. The exact time period varies from state to state, but is generally October through July.

Students register for, and may receive up to, 12 credits in German each semester. Their coursework is evaluated upon their return to determine exactly how much credit they will receive for the courses they took while abroad. Students may take courses in other disciplines, but this must be arranged in advance with the appropriate department. Individual requirements for credit are at the discretion of the department(s) concerned.

While in Germany, students receive a monthly stipend sufficient to cover university tuition and fees, room and board, and a minimal amount of spending money. Not covered is the cost of the airfare to and from Germany.

Advisor: Dr. James Jones

Locations to Study German:

Bielefeld, Germany: Tandem Bielefeld

  • Spring 12 credits Advisor: Dr. Daniela Richter

German-American Clubs Exchange Program:  selected universities in Germany

  • Fall and Spring 24 credits Advisor: Dr. James Jones


  • German-American Club Scholarship: € 600/mo.
  • Charlotte B. Evans Scholarship: $250-$600
  • FLLC/CHSBS Scholarship:  $300-$1000
  • CMU International Programs Scholarships: $500-$1500

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