Brittany Bayless Fremion is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History, specializing in environmental, American, and public histories. She joined the faculty in 2012 as a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow after completing her PhD at Purdue University. She earned her MA in policy history from Bowling Green State University in 2006 and a BA in history from the University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne, Indiana) in 2004. 

Office: Powers 210
Phone: (989) 774–1094
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Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Fremion has research and teaching experience in environmental history, twentieth-century US history, American women's history, and public history. An environmental and American historian by training, Dr. Fremion has special interests in the ways gender, race, and class intersect in twentieth-century environmental initiatives. Her current project explores the nation's longest preservation battle: the movement to save the Indiana dunes that line the southern shores of Lake Michigan. Efforts to save the dunes began with the fight for a state park in the early twentieth century, reemerged at mid-century in a battle for a national lakeshore, and by the 1970s, were tied to park expansion efforts and anti-nuclear power protests. Dr. Fremion's most recent work focuses on this last phase of activism, which explores the nature of anti-nuclear power movements in the Great Lakes Basin.

In addition to teaching courses in environmental, American, and women's history, Dr. Fremion has created two new courses for the History, Public History, and Cultural Resource Management Programs: HST 585: Oral History and HST 681: Historic Preservation. She is also working on HST 113: Unlikely Princesses: Women in World History with Dr. Jonathan Truitt, Associate Professor of History.

Professor Fremion is an appointed member of the Great Lakes Institute for Sustainable Systems (GLISS) and advisor for the History and Public History Undergraduate Programs, History Graduate Program, and the Cultural Resource Management Graduate Program. 

Selected Publications

Chapter, "Filling the Gaps with Silence: Women's Stories and the Movement to Save the Indiana Dunes," in Debbie Lee and Kathryn Newfont, eds., The Land Speaks (under review).

CMU Oral History Project, Central Michigan University (Co-PI: Jay Martin, Director, Museum of Cultural and Natural History and Associate Professor, Department of History), 2013-present.

Review of Edward C. Lorenz's Civic Empowerment in an Age of Corporate Greed in Michigan Historical Review 40:1 (Spring 2014): 119-120.

Review of Carolyn DeLatte, Lucy Audubon: A Biography, Florida Historical Quarterly 87.4 (2009), 565–567.

"The Ku Klux Klan." Women in American History: An Encyclopedia, ed. Has R. Diner, New York: Facts on         File, (forthcoming).

Current Courses

​Fall 2015

  • HST 112WI Struggle for Equality from 1865
  • HST 302 - Comparative Environmental History
  • HST 595A - Internship in Public History
  • HST 681 - Historic Preservation​

​Spring 2016

  • HST 120WI Unlikely Princesses
  • HST 302 - Comparative Environmental History
  • HST 585 - Oral History
  • HST 595A - Internship in Public History​​​