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United States History

Lane Demas Tw​entieth-c​entury US; African-​​​American history; Sport history
Kathleen G. Donohue​ ​Twentieth-century US
Michael Federspiel US history; History education
Brittany Bayless Fremion​Environmental history; Twentieth-century US; Women’s history
Mitchell K. Hall Twentieth-century US; Vietnam War
Andrew WehrmanColonial and Revolutionary America
Jay Martin Public history; Museum studies; Archaeology; Maritime history
Tara McCarthy US history; Women's history; Immigration; Social Reform movements
Catherine Tobin
Nineteenth-century US; Immigration​
Jeff Fortney​19th century history, Native American history

European History​

Carrie Euler​ Late medieval/early modern Europe; Renaissance/Reformation; England
Doina Pasca Harsanyi Enlightenment French and American history
Eric A. Johnson Modern Europe; Germany; Holocaust; Social science history
Timothy M. O'Neil European labor history; Ireland
Stephen P. Scherer Modern Europe; Russia; Historiography

Ancient H​istory

John F. Robertson Ancient Near East and Egypt; Islamic and Modern Middle East
Gregory Smith Ancient Mediterranean; Late antiquity; Early middle ages; Byzantium

Non-Western History

Solomon Addis Getahun African history; Ethiopia; Urban history
Jennifer Liu DemasTwentieth-century China and Taiwan
John Robertson Ancient Near East and Egypt; Islamic and Modern Middle East
Jonathan Truitt Colonial Latin America
Brad Eidahl​20th century Latin America
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