Tara McCarthy received her Ph.D. in history at the University of Rochester in the fall of 2005. She spent one year as a post-doctoral teaching fellow in the writing program at the University of Rochester, and one year as a Visiting Professor of History at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, before joining the faculty at CMU.

Office: Powers 208​
Phone: (989) 774–3454
Email: mccar1tm@cmich.edu
Office Hours: (pdf)

Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. McCarthy’s main research interests are American women, social reform movements, and immigration. Her current project traces the political activities of Irish-American women in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, focusing on Irish nationalism, ethnic organizations, suffrage, and the labor movement.

Selected Publications

“Woman Suffrage and Irish Nationalism: Ethnic Appeals and Alliances in America,” Women’s History Review (forthcoming, summer 2014).

“The Ladies’ Land League and the Labor Question: Irish-American Women and Social Reform in the Late Nineteenth Century,” in Susan B. Anthony and the Struggle for Equal Rights, ed. Christine L. Ridarsky and Mary M. Huth (University of Rochester Press, 2012).

‘The Humaner Instinct of Women’: Hannah Bailey and the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union’s Critique of Militarism and Manliness in the Late Nineteenth Century,” Peace & Change 33.2 (2008), 191–216.

“Progress and Poverty: Marguerite Moore, an Irish Woman in the American Reform Tradition,” The Recorder: Journal of the American Irish Historical Society 19.2 (2007).​

Current Courses

Fall 2015​

  • HST 112WI - Struggle for Equality from 1865
  • HST 326/WST 328​ - Women in America
  • HST 496 - Research Seminar

Spring 2016​

  • HST 112WI - Struggle for Equality from 1865
  • HST 326/WST 328​ - Women in America​