Timothy M. O’Neil received his Ph.D. in European Labor History from Wayne State University in 1999. He joined the faculty at Central Michigan University in 1998 as a visiting assistant professor and in 2003 as an assistant professor. He also served as the book review editor of Michigan Historical Review from 2000–2005.

Office: Powers 209
Phone: (989) 774–1154
Email: oneil1tm@cmich.edu
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Research and Teaching Interests

Professor O’Neil’s research interests are centered in the European labor movement, with a focus on Irish working class both at home and abroad. At present he is examining the relationship between socialism and nationalism in twentieth-century Ireland. In addition he has studied transatlantic labor migration, specifically examining how emigration impacted sending communities in Europe and identifying specific labor migration networks from Europe to North America.

Selected Publications

"Reframing the Republic: Republican Socioeconomic Thought and the Road to Fianna Fáil," in A Formative Decade: Politics, Economics and Identity in Ireland, 1921-32, Ciara Meehan, Jason Knirck and Mel Farrell, eds., (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2015) 157-177.

"An Eviction in Kinnitty: Republican Social Agitation and the new Fianna Fáil Government, 1932-33." Etudes Irlandaises [The French Journal of Irish Studies], 39: 1 (Spring 2014): 105-118.​

Handing Away the Trump Card? Peadar O’Donnell, Fianna Fáil, and the Non-Payment of Land Annuities Campaign, 1926–32,” New Hibernia Review/Iris Eireannach Nua 12:1 (Spring 2008), 19–40.

“Patrick H. O’Brien: the Workingman’s Advocate: The Copper Country Years, 1868–1922,” in New Perspectives on Michigan’s Copper Country, ed. Kim Hoagland and Terry Reynolds (Houghton: Michigan Technological University): 138–165.

‘We Knew Where Our Sympathies Were:’ Social and Economic Views in On Another Man’s Wound,” New Hibernia Review/Iris Eireannach Nua 7:3 (Autumn 2003): 140–144.

“Miners in Migration: The Case of Nineteenth-Century Irish and Irish American Copper Miners,” in New Directions in Irish American History, ed. Kevin Kenny (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2003): 61–78.

“Miners in Migration: The Case of Nineteenth-Century Irish and Irish American Copper Miners,” Eire/Ireland: A Journal of Irish Studies 35, 3, (2001): 124–140.

“Nationalism, Socialism and the Irish Revolution, 1910–1936,” Saothar: A Journal of Irish Labour History 21 (2000): 68–69.​​​​

Current Courses​

Fall 2015

  • HST 106 - 20th Century: Western World Issues​
  • HST 333 - History of Michigan
  • HST 558 - Europe, 1914-1945

Spring 2016​

  • HST 210WI - US History through Michigan Eyes​
  • HST 333 - History of Michigan
  • HST 556 - Europe Since 1945​