​​Course Descriptions
Major in Language Arts

    Required Courses (22 hours)

    EDU 330 (3) Reading in the Elementary School F, Sp

    Materials, organization, and methods of teaching reading in the elementary school to address the Michigan and national literacy standards and benchmarks. Prerequisites: EDU 280 (students with a major in “teachers of students with emotional impairment” or a major in “teachers of students with cognitive impairment” are required to have SPE 126; PSY 220). Requires admission to Teacher Education Program.

    EDU 431 (3) Corrective Reading in the Classroom F, Sp

    Classroom diagnosis of students’ reading strengths and weaknesses. Analysis of corrective and remedial techniques. All candidates for the elementary certificate are required to take this course. Prerequisite: EDU 330

    ENG 315 (4) Teaching Writing in Elementary and Middle Schools F, Sp

    Introduction to theories and pedagogies on writing in elementary and middle schools. Examines best practice methodologies, including integration with other subject areas. Includes midtier experience. Admission to Teacher Education program required. Prerequisites: ENG 101 with a minimum grade of C or ENG 103 with a minimum grade of C and ENG 099 with a grade of CR or ELI 198 with a minimum grade of C; ENG 201 with a grade of C or better.

    ENG 371 (3) Pedagogic Grammar F, Sp

    Links the study of college level grammar and its application in the classroom. Focuses on both professionally written and student generated texts. Prerequisite: ENG 101 or 103/099 or ELI 198 with a grade of C or better; ENG 201 with a grade of C or better.

    ENG 381 (3) Children’s Literature F, Sp

    Literary analysis of prose and poetry suitable for children grades K through nine. Open only to juniors and seniors.

    EDU 538 (3-0) Coordination of the Language Arts with Reading

    Building the elements of listening, speaking, writing, and reading into a K-8 language arts program. Techniques of instruction for the exceptional child will be examined. Prerequisite: EDU 330

    TAI 373 (3) Oral Interpretation for Children F, Sp

    General education approach to the art of oral interpretation as a dynamic means of experiencing literature for children and communicating it to children.

    Other Requirements I (3 hours) Select one of the following:

    ENG 481 (3) International Literature for Children and Young Adults F, Sp

    Exploration of the literary and cultural heritage of countries other than the U.S. through modern and folk literature suitable for today’s youth. Prerequisite: ENG101 or 103/099 or ELI 198 with a grade of C or better; ENG 201 with a grade of C or better; ENG 234 or 381.

    ENG 582 (3) Cultural Pluralism in Young Adult and Children’s Literature F, Sp

    An exploration of the literature and heritage of diverse American cultures, primarily through folk literature, fiction and biography. Prerequisite: Graduate status or the following: ENG 101 or 103/099 or ELI 198 with a grade of C or better; ENG 201 with a grade of C or better; ENG 134 or 234 or 381. (University Program Group IV-C)

    Other Requirements II (3 hours) Select one of the following:

    ENG 175 (3) The Nature of Language F, Sp

    An introduction to the study of language in relation to social systems. Topics include linguistic structures, language acquisition, dialects, and language change. (University Program Group III-B)

    CDO 130 (3) Normal Speech and Language Acquisition F, Sp

    Normal acquisition of language and speech by children examined on the basis of current linguistic theory. (University Program Group III-A)

    Other Requirements III (3 hours) Select one of the following:

    ENG 294 (3-0) Introduction to Creative Writing F, Sp

    The basic methods and techniques in creative writing, including, but not limited to, poetry and fiction. Prerequisite: Grade of “C” or better in ENG 101, ENG 103/99 or ENG 198

    ENG 301 (3-0) Nonfiction Writing

    Emphasis on skillful writing through individual projects in nonfiction prose forms.

    Other Requirements IV (3 hours) Select one of the following:

    ENG 485 (3) Poetry for Children & Young Adults Sp (Spring only)

    Enhancing appreciation and knowledge of poetry for children and young adults; developing effective ways of presenting this poetry in the elementary/middle school classroom. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

    ENG 482 (3) Fantasy for Youth F, Sp

    Nature, purpose, and value of fantasy for youth; emphasis on contemporary types. Prerequisite: Grade of “C” or better in ENG 101, ENG 103/99 or ENG 198; Grade of “C” or better in ENG 201; ENG 234 or 381

    ENG 583 (3) The Heroic Tradition in Children’s Literature F (Fall only)

    Study of the hero in epic, myth, folktale, and legend, including modern examples.

    Other Requirements V (3 Hours) Select one of the following:

    TAI 585 (3) Creative Dramatics F, Sp

    Techniques of guiding children through original dramatizations. Primarily for the classroom teacher.

    EDU 532 (3) Reading in the Content Areas F, Sp

    Emphasizes teaching of reading skills in content areas focusing on the middle and upper grades. Prerequisites: EDU 330 or EDU 316.

    Other Requirements VI (3 Hours) Select one of the following:

    COM 195 (3-0) Intercultural Communication

    Content focuses on how values, attitudes and beliefs influence communication among people from different cultural backgrounds.

    COM 569 (3) Communication in the Classroom F, Sp

    Integrated research from several fields describing communication patterns among students and teacher-to-student within school settings. Designed for students interested in teaching or administration. Prerequisites: Completion of 56 hours of undergraduate credit.

    TAI 302 (3) Voice and Diction F, Sp

    Theory and practice of principles necessary to improving the speaking voice. Primary emphasis on individual speech improvement.

    ENG 581 (3) The History of Children’s Literature Sp (Spring only)

    Major trends in the history of children’s literature as they emerged under certain philosophical, educational, and social influences in England, America, and Europe. Emphasis on literary analysis. Prerequisites: ENG 201 with a grade of C or better; one of: ENG 134 or ENG 234 or ENG 381; or graduate status.

    CDO 230 (3) Introduction to Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders F, Sp

    Aspects of speech-language pathology and audiology for elementary, secondary, and special education teachers, parents, and allied professions in the management of speech, language, and hearing disorders.


    Changes to an authorized Language Arts Major or Minor must be made in consultation with a LA Advisor.

    A minimum GPA 2.7 (B-) must be earned in all teaching major and minors. (i.e. this is an average GPA for all courses taken for the major or minor)

    CMU Language Arts Majors and Minors take the Language Arts subject area test (test #90, endorsement code BX) of Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC).

    Courses transferred from other institutions may or may not fulfill requirements for the LA Major or Minor. Check with Registrar's Office to confirm. Grades from transferred courses