​The Language Arts Interdisciplinary Program (LAIP) offers a major and minor that prepare prospective teachers to function effectively in this integral component of the elementary classroom. The goals of the program are to have students possess knowledge, skills and understanding of the role of language arts in elementary education. Prospective teachers will master Language Arts subject area knowledge, including knowledge of diverse literatures and cultures, understand the socio-cultural contexts in which Language Arts teaching takes place, develop analytical and reflective Language Arts teaching practice, develop classroom methods in Language Arts education that are based upon articulated, research-based conceptual frameworks and engage in ongoing development of teaching skills and professional practices.

Language Arts is an interdisciplinary program that combines courses in the departments of Teacher Education and Professional Development, English Language and Literature, Communication and Dramatic Arts and Communication Disorders, and may be authorized by faculty in those departments (see Language Arts Advisors). The major may not be combined with a reading minor. A minimum 2.7 GPA (B-) must be maintained in all teaching majors and minors.