• Position: Curator of Natural History
  • Department: Museum of Cultural and Natural History, Museum Studies and Biology
  • Campus Address: Rowe 103A
  • Phone: (989)774-3176
  • Alternate Phone: (989)774-3758 (Biology Department)
  • Email: nicho2ke@cmich.edu

Dr. Nicholson is an evolutionary biologist whose research interests are broad in scope and revolve around vertebrate fauna. Most of her training and experience is with reptiles and amphibians and her research focuses on the evolutionary biology of lizards in the genus Anolis. These lizards are neotropical but most of her fieldwork has been conducted in Central and South America. She reconstructs the evolutionary relationships of these lizards using primarily molecular data in the form of DNA sequences, and uses this background information to test various hypotheses involving the evolution of certain characters or morphological traits.

Dr. Nicholson earned a bachelor's degree in science in 1991 at the University of Memphis and a master's degree in science in 1995 at Auburn University in Alabama. She earned her doctorate in biology in 2001 at the University of Miami and continued her research as a postdoctoral student at Washington University in St. Louis. Her museum-related experience includes stints as a museum technician preparing specimens for the mammal collection at the University of Memphis, assistant curator for the herpetology collection at Auburn University's Museum of Natural History and assistant curator for the internationally recognized Costa Rican Expeditions, a museum of herpetology at the University of Miami.