• Position: Instructor
  • Department: Museum Studies
  • Campus Address: 103 Rowe Hall
  • Phone: (989)774-3829
  • Email: schul2jh@cmich.edu

Born and brought up in the Detroit area with summers spent in the Upper Peninsula--as both my parents are from the "Copper Country".  I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a secondary teaching certificate and a B.A. in History.  I received a M.A. in Museum Education from Siena Heights College with a year long internship at the Toledo Museum of Art.  Drafted into the Army my senior year at Eastern Michigan University, I joined the Air Force instead and served as an air craft maintenance officer for five years.

I spent over 25 years with the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing and at their field sites throughout the state.  I served as curator/historian at the Walker Tavern Historic Complex, coordinator of field programs of the 9 sites on both peninsulas, chief of the education and outreach director.  I also trained over eighty docents for tour duty at the museum in downtown Lansing.  During my time with the Michigan Historical Museum I served on the exhibit teams for the eight million dollar 20th century exhibits, developed numerous hands-on exhibits and educational programs, established special events for the field sites and the museum, coordinated preservation projects and administered Michigan Week.

I began teaching the Museum Education and Techniques course (MST 551) at Central Michigan University in the spring of 2007.  Since that time I have taught six MST 551 courses and one Introduction to Museum Work course (MST 546).  The MST 551 Spring 2007 class coordinated the first CMU Cultural Crawl as part of an outreach to the community.  the Spring 2008 and the Spring 2009 MST 551 classes also coordinated successful Cultural Crawl programs.  I respresented the Museum Studies program at the September 2007 Lilly onference on Education sponsored by CMU's FaCIT.  I was invited to present, Who was Tilden?  Why should I care? at the 2008 conference.  My book review of Creating Learning Centered Classrooms was published in Teaching Central (FaCIT News for CMU Faculty) in February 2009.

I retired from the Department of History, Arts and Libraries in 2006.  I live in St. Johns with my wife Saralee, dog Pilgrim and two cats.  Our son is living at home waiting fro the results of "bar".  Our daughter is workin gon a PhD at the University of Virginia.  Hobbies:  Major in Golf; Minors in Photography and Gardening.