The following are individual  programs that can be added to your tour:

Backyard Birding

​​Bird Hunt
Search the museum for selected birds and discover interesting facts about them.

Beak Adaptations
Hands-on activity to help understand the adaptations of bird beaks.

Feet Adaptations
Look at different bird feet and how they are used.

Up close look at feathers

Great Lakes Adventure (New and Temporary)

​​Great Lakes Food Chain

Make and take home food chains using what you learn about some organisms of the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Food Web

Play a game using Great Lakes' species to make food webs. 

Sea Lamprey Suck! Vampire Tag

Play a game of tag with a twist that help the understanding of how the invasive species, Sea Lamprey, are affecting Great Lakes' fish. Great for students of all ages.

Invasive Species Musical Chairs

Play an adaptation of the game, musical chairs, to emulate how an invasive species establishes intself in the Great Lakes. This game is appropriate for students up to the 8th grade.

Let's Rock​

Campus rock hunt​
Guided or self-guided walk through campus to discover different kinds of rocks.

Uncovering Michigan's Prehistoric Past:

Archaeological Dig
Students will dig through sand in search o​f artifacts like an archaeologist; record their findings like an archaeol​ogist; and create their hypotheses about the artifacts like an archaeologist.

Breaking News: Lyuba
A complete baby mammoth was discovered in Siberia. Students will need to ask questions and organize this fascinating information to write their news article.

The Dating Game
Students will "look" at the earth's layers and decide the relative date of the objects.

Make a Trace Fossil
How are trace fossils formed? Students will simulate the process and "make" their own trace fossil.

Paleoindians' Grocery Shopping
Students will discover what hunter-gathers ate and plan a meal for a Paleoindian family as they learn about Michigan's prehistoric landscape.

Skull Comparison
Students will observe and discuss physical differences among skull casts of an Australopithecus afarensis, A Neandertal and a homo sapiens.


Michigan Through the Ages

Columbian Exchange

This hands-on activity will help students to see how the Columbian Exchange affected the entire world.

Log Marks
Students will learn about and design their own log mark for their logging company.

Michigan in the Civil War
What was life like during the Civil War? How did people in Michigan participate in the war? Students will experience a Civil War camp and hear soldier's stories around the campfire.

Uncovering the Truth about Michigan Land Cover: A Map Activity
Students will compare two maps of Michigan from different eras and use a timeline to answer some questions about the history of Michigan.

There are more hands-on and extended activities being added periodically.

Schedule a Tour/Visit 

Teachers wishing to schedule a visit to the museum or schoolhouse should contact us by one of the following options:

NOTE: Please schedule at least two (2) weeks in advance to reserve a time slot and avoid conflicting visits. High-touch programs: $2 per student