Tour information/resources​
 Information for t​eachers wishing to schedule a visit to the museum or schoolhouse:

Contact us by email or call 989-774-3829.

NOTE: Please schedule at least two (2) weeks in advance to reserve a time slot to avoid conflicting visits.

Suggested donations: 
Tours:  $0.50 per student and $1 per adult

Current programs:

Backyard Birding 
Learn about the birds of Michigan and the adaptations that help them to survive in a variety of environments through hands on activities including touching various bones and feathers, learning to identify birds during a birding activity, and more.  To schedule a program, please complete the Backyard Birding registration form​.

Michigan Through the Ages (recommended for 3-4th grades)
Students will travel through time in Michigan beginning with Anishiinabek before the arrival of Europeans. They will visit a fur trader's cabin and experience the beginnings of the Columbian Exchange, learn about settlement in Michigan and statehood, and the Underground Railroad. They will explore the life of ​lumberjacks and the lumber industry, and more! To schedule a tour, fill out the Michigan Through the Ages registration form​.

One-room Schoolhouse 
Please note: Schoolhouse can accomodate up to 30 students at a time. Great for all ages!
Our reconstructed, historic one-room schoolhouse, located on CMU's campus, is also available for use by teachers to provide their students first-hand experience with the atmosphere and accouterments associated with a schoolhouse of the early 1900s. To schedule a tour, fill out the One-room Schoolhouse registration form​.

​​Great Lakes Adventure
Great changes have occurred in our Great Lakes over the past 100 years and changes are continuing. What are these changes and what has caused them? How are the changes affecting our everyday lives? Can we do anything about possible threats to the Great Lakes? Students compare the Great Lakes of 100 years ago and today to discover the differences and then take a tour of the temporary exhibit, "Changing Waters: Environmental Research in the Great Lakes" to see what has caused the changes. To schedule a tour, fill out the Great Lakes Adventure registration form.​ ​

​Let's Rock​ 
​​Participate in hands-on activities that will teach you about different types of rocks, the rock cycle and how to identify rocks in your own backyard.To schedule a tour, fill out the Let's Rock registration form.​

​Mastodon Madness (Free preschool program)
  1. Have fun while learning through many senses and experiences.
  2. Introduction to early Michigan environment when mastodon lived, including animals that are in Michigan today and the term "bog".
  3. Learn about mastodon's size and physical features .
  4. Learn the difference between mastodon, wooly mammoth, and elephants by comparing and contrasting them and coloring a picture of a mastodon.
  5. Play mastodon related games that help develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving.
 To schedule a tour, fill out the ​Mastodon Madness registration form.​​

​​​​​Uncovering Michigan's Prehistoric Past
Warm coral ocean, glaciers, mastodons and Paleoindians are all part of Michigan's prehistory.  How do we know this? Learn about and examine different kinds of fossils to see their relation to Michigan prehistory.  Discover the importance of bogs in preserving the evidence. To schedule a tour, fill out the Uncovering Michigan's Prehistoric Past registration form.​​​