Where did you do your internship?
Mackinac State Historic Parks, Colonial Michilimackinac. Mackinaw City, Michigan, USA

What about this institution appealed to you when choosing an internship site?
I love the history of the site and the opportunities to recreate life in the 18th century.

Tell us about a project you worked on during your internship.
I was given the opportunity to be an American War of 1812 Soldier for the Battle of Mackinac Island Bicentennial reenactment. Several other interpreters and myself were asked to come to the island for demonstrations for the entire weekend and were able to learn the American manual of arms and other information on the time period for the summer.

What was your typical day like during your internship?
I was a costumed interpreter, so I was able to educate people on life as a British Soldier, French Voyageur, Military Baker, and British Trader. I gave both formal and informal demonstrations about life and the history of the area.

What was your favorite part of your internship?
I loved being able to recreate life in history and interact with the public. Being able to teach people of all ages was an amazing experience.

Were there any unique aspects of this internship site?
My internship was paid, as it was my second season there. However, most interns receive a stipend and free housing. However, housing is offered to all workers who need it and my rent was a very low cost.

Do you have any advice for students searching for internships or preparing to start their internship?
Apply anywhere and everywhere that you can see yourself working and love what you do.

Did any exciting opportunities arise as a result of completing your internship here?
I am planning on returning next year to work in the same or a similar position.

What is your name?
Ethan Duncan

Would you recommend this internship site to others? Why or why not?
Most definitely! The staff is amazing and the parks treat their employees like family. The experience to learn the history and live in such a beautiful area is surpassed by none.‚Äč