Montcalm Community College is located in Sidney, Michigan. The campus hosts a wide variety of different programs and is motivated towards creating a learning community, and endorses life-long learning. This includes keeping track of its history as well as creating a future. For more information, please see the website listed below.

Where did you do your internship?
Montcalm Community College

Why did you pick the internship you did?
I live in Montcalm county and am interested in the effort to preserve the heritage of our community.

What were some of your favorite parts of your internship?
The interesting information that I was introduced to during my internship.

What kind of jobs/activities did you participate in?
I categorized, sorted, and scanned historical documents found at Montcalm Community College that pertained to the foundation, operation and growth of the college.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?
Although this project is now complete, I would recommend those seeking an internship to discuss with their local civic organizations the topic of preservation of documents.

Is there any other guidance you would offer students looking for internships?
Every community needs help preserving their heritage. I would urge students to introduce themselves to community leaders and ask for advice on how they could use the knowledge imparted to them at CMU to aid local efforts.

Montcalm Community College
2800 College Drive
Sidney, Michigan 48885-9723
(989) 328-2111