The 300 Club

The 300 Club is the only club of its kind in the Nation. Featured in Goldbar Leader Magazine, this club was designed solely for those cadets striving for excellence in Physical Fitness.


Cadets of the 300 club earn the honor to wear a distinct black T-shirt and maroon fleece jacket to all PT sessions. They receive extra training in physical fitness, and are expected to perform better than and train beyond the standard to an example for the other cadets. They also put in extra time to mentor and work with those who express a desire to better themselves physically. The 300 club is meant to distinguish those who have the ability to aid others in their physical goals and encourage them to raise the level of fitness across the Chippewa Battalion.


Those wishing to join must earn a 300 on a minimum of two diagnostic APFTs and one Record APFT to gain membership into the 300 club. They must maintain that standard each semester in order to retain their membership.