Mu Sigma Honors Fraternity
Mu Sigma by CDT Andrew Stow
"The club Mu Sigma was in a transitional period this year, moving from primarily focusing on tutoring and fundraisers to expanding into the general community here at Central Michigan. One way that this has happened was with the teaming up of the Central Michigan Honors College in an attempted to raise greater funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. Both groups are underway in working together to create a large fundraiser for the next academic year. Other groups have come to Mu Sigma and have requested their assistance in helping them as well, with one such group asking if Mu Sigma would be interested in reading to children in the community. Several Cadets traveled to the site and picked out books and read to the students for about an hour each, representing Mu Sigma and Central ROTC in a positive spotlight as they branched out to assist the general community. Mu Sigma also started to move to more private one-on-one tutoring instead of having Cadets sit in Battalion for general tutoring hours. So far, Mu Sigma has receive a greater response to this switch with many more Cadets coming in and requesting to be paired with another Cadet at a convenient time for the both of them. There are also plans for a large, campus wide fundraiser called the "Maroon Platoon", which would have students from all over campus register teams of four people as they would compete in various ROTC-esq events though-out the campus in competition to be crowned "Maroon Platoon"; the winner will receive a T-shirt and a CMU Chippewa Battalion Challenge Coin. While the academic year is quickly coming to a close, the upcoming officials are already hard at work planning out next year’s activities in order to continue to change Mu Sigma and expand the club to not only play a larger role in the Chippewa Battalion, but a larger role in the community as well."