Ranger Challenge

​Ranger Challenge is often said to be the Varsity Sport of ROTC. The club attracts and recruits those with the motivation to be the strongest and most technically proficient cadets in the Battalion. T​hese cadets must be willing to train five days a week for six weeks. They learn and/or fine-tune their abilities in tasks like assembling and disassembling the M-16 rifle and M-9 pistol, or building a bridge with only one rope – capable of carrying themselves and their gear across a challenging water obstacle. They train in all conditions to prepare for the grueling three-day competition held each year at Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

The actual competition hosts 12 schools from three states. Events include Night Land Navigation, The Army Physical Fitness Test, Day Land Navigation with full gear, a Humvee pull and MedEvac, an obstacle course, the one rope bridge, a litter carry and medical evaluation, weapons assembly/disassembly, a 10K Ruck March, and an extremely demanding surprise event presented by the Brigade Sergeant Major.


Ranger Challenge Course
Cadets at Ranger Challenge