​​The Chippewa Battalion provides a number of training opportunities both internal and external. Internal Training is conducted by the Chippewa Battalion itself, much of which is planned and facilitated by the cadet leadership. Although the cadre provide guidance and oversight, the older cadets are responsible for planning training the younger cadets. Internal training is aimed at providing a stimulating learning environment, fostering teamwork and esprit de corps, and building the fundamental skill base of the future Officer.

External training is conducted off-site by a military host organization. This training includes Cadet Practical Field Training, Internships, and the two primary leadership camps hosted by Cadet Command. This training is completely paid for by ROTC - to include meals and travel. Cadets attending LTC or LDAC receive an additional stipend for needed supplies.

Leader’s Training Course (LTC)

This course is designed for students who are already advanced in their academic careers. Those cadets who wish to join ROTC and pursue a commission but are too advanced in their academic careers to take the basic courses often choose this option. It is a five week course designed to teach all the basic soldiering and leadership skills that the student would have learned over the course of four semesters of basic courses. For 2009, cadets who complete LTC and wish to contract into the ROTC program in 2009 are also eligible for a $5000 Bonus.

The Leader's Training Course gave me some very special skills needed to succeed in the United States Army. It presented me a combination of mental and physical challenges. These different challenges brought out leadership potential and acclimated me to the Army lifestyle. During the 28 days at Fort Knox I encountered a lot of adventure, excitement and had fun while doing it. A bonus of going to LTC is the opportunity it provides to meet many other college students and establish some valuable and potentially lifelong relationships. This course developed myself and many others into better leaders and gave me the ability to keep my cool in the toughest situations. – Senior Drew Howdyshell

Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC)

The National Leader Development and Assessment Course is conducted at Fort Lewis, Washington and provides the best possible, professional training and evaluation for all cadets. Although the course mission includes continued training and leadership development, the primary focus at camp is to evaluate each cadet's officer potential. This camp represents the only opportunity for cadet command to gather all cadets on one "level playing field" for the purposes of making this assessment as accurately and as professionally as possible.

Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC)Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC)Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC)Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC)Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC)Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC)Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC)