Weapons skills are paramount to any soldier, and the Chippewa Battalion ensures there is no shortage of opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in this area. Cadets of The Chippewa Battalion are afforded the opportunity to fire the M-16 at military targets a minimum of two times per academic year. Additionally cadets can fire weapons like the M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon and the M-9 Pistol at the outdoor ranges​.

During labs, cadets also fire .22 caliber rounds from the M-16 and match-grade .22 caliber rifles on our indoor rifle range. Through participation in various clubs like the Marksmanship Club and RIP Club cadets can also get more range time and fire other weapons employed by the United States and Foreign Armies.

Kulhavi Shooting RangeKulhavi Shooting Range

ROTC Weapons TrainingKulhavi Shooting Range
ROTC Weapons Training