Cadets in the CMU Rose Swimming Pool
 Combat Water Safety Course

Cadets in Rose Pool 

Cadets in the ROTC program conducted their semi-annual Combat Water Survival Training (CWST). Using the pool in Rose Arena cadets were evaluated on their ability to complete:

  • 10 Minute Swim - Cadets need to show their proficiency to swim for an extended period of time by swimming for 10 continuous minutes without assistance.
  • Rifle Swim - Cadets are required to swim 25 meters in full BDUs with a rifle and a LBE.
  • Don & Ditch - Cadets with LBE and a rifle in hand were required to submerge underwater and release all their gear before they reemerged.
  • Tread Water - Cadets needed to show their ability to stay in deeper water by treading water for 5 minutes.
  • Diving Board - While blindfolded, cadets walked off a 10 meter diving board with a rifle into deep water. Without losing control of their rifle, cadets had to resurface and swim to safety with their weapon.

Most cadets completed all the events successfully and gained confidence in their water survival abilities. Cadets who do not complete all events successfully, go through remedial training and if necessary are directed to take formal swimming instruction, at no cost to them.
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