2014 Camp-Grayling

Leadership Development Exercise (LDX) by Cadet William Cynecki

While most college kids were relaxing during their fall weekend, the Chippewa Battalion conducted a nitty-gritty LDX at Camp Grayling located in northern Michigan. Upon their arrival to the largest National Guard base in the country, Cadets were broken into three training iterations: a virtual land navigation course, a dismounted squad-training simulator and an engagement skills trainer (EST). The dismounted squad-training simulator was a favorite among Cadets. According to intelligent.net, this advanced virtual training system uses a combination of sensors on the soldier’s body and a realistic weapon to convert movements into a virtual-reality training scenario. It allowed squads of 9 Cadets to work together through a world that can be converted into any terrain, weather, or combat scenario. The Cadets were able to apply the knowledge gained from these technologically advanced systems the following morning during force-on-force exercises. MSIII Cadets had the opportunity to lead squad-sized elements in the following force-on-force scenarios: ambush, recon and react-to-contact. The Cadets fired paintball guns during these lanes, which added a touch of “hooah” to the 2014 Fall LDX.