​​Central Michigan has a long historic standing with the Army National Guard, in fact we have a National Guard Recruiter in house to help our cadets with issues they may have. The Army National Guard allows student to attend training and participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). The Simultaneous Membership Program allows the cadet to work within their National Guard Unit at the rank of a Cadet. The Cadet will shadow and operate with the Officers within the unit and learn valuable skills to use in their future endeavors. As an SMP cadet, you are non-deployable until you finish your schooling. Students will receive payment as well as time and grade for time spent at National Guard drills. The Army National Guard has Federal Tuition Assistance available to students, to learn about your benefits, visit the National Guard Benefits website. If you would like to join the Army National Guard, contact SFC Shawn Fries at (989) 774-7446 (office) or (616) 893-2152 (cell) or email him at fries1sm@cmich.edu.