​If you're an enlisted Soldier, CMU ROTC can help you continue to grow and learn. The Army Green to Gold program provides unique options for Soldiers interested in pursuing baccalaureate degrees and earning commissions as Army Officers. There are several options for the Green to Gold soldier, including retaining your Active Duty pay during your college career.

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"The ROTC Green to Gold Active Duty Option has offered me opportunities within the last two years that I never could have hoped for with any other betterment program the Army provides. The program has given me the ability, even as an Active Duty soldier during a time of war, to interrupt a repeating cycle of deployments to go back to college and finally complete a bachelor’s degree after close to eight years out of academic life. More importantly, the program has provided me and my family resources, such as the MGIB (to pay tuition), the Government Lease Housing Program (to pay rent), and continuing Active Duty status (to pay the bills) that are absolutely essential for my participation and success in ROTC. Additionally, the program gave me the option to go to any ROTC school that would accept me, offering me the opportunity to bring my family back from Texas after a 4-year absence to our home state of Michigan, where family and friend support was most readily and directly available should we need assistance or want to visit. I am 30 years old, and married with three children so family issues, concerns and goals are always important to consider.​ From the research I conducted while overseas in Iraq, it was and is still clear to me and I would contend that there is no other program that would have fit with my family situation. I am pleased and grateful to have been given this opportunity to participate in the program through CMU ROTC, and thankful for the fortune of begin grouped with such a dedicated cadre and such a talented, motivated group of cadets. The training within the program has been efficient and invaluable to developing my critical thinking and leadership skills and I have everyone in the program with me to thank for that. I look forward to commissioning and hope to give back at least some of what the Army and the CMU ROTC program has so generously given me. Thank you."

Wayne Hicks

Cadet, Central Michigan University ROTC