​CMU ROTC is always willing to accept motivated students into the program. There are several options for "late" bloomers who wish to attend ROTC classes. ROTC still offers to 2 and 3 year scholarships to those who are able to meet its requirements, and will send Cadets to LTC training to help them catch up to their peers. For Off Campus students, we are able to accommodate to your needs. You will enroll in ROTC through your school and travel to our class times to take the class. We currently have students from Alma, Northwood and Saginaw Valley State enrolled in our program. Scholarship opportunities can be found here. Information for dual-enrolling in schools can be found by contacting (989)-774-7440 or CMU-ROTC@cmich.edu​.

I am a full time student at Northwood University in Midland taking between 16 and 18 credit hours a term. I commute to Central Michigan every week for Military Science Leadership classes, labs, and also participating in extracurricular activities and field training exercises. The cadre and instructors are very accommodating with my situation and are ready to help if there are any troubles regarding my commute, and school work. The fact that I can take classes at Northwood University full time commute to Central Michigan every week and still be able to participate in their clubs and other activities. Helps me better prepare myself to be a military officer, and completing my major at the two schools.

Lance Foos