Faculty Profile

Ksenia Ustinova, PT, Ph.D.

1235 Health Professions Building
(989) 774-2699
email: Ustin1k@cmich.edu

About Dr. Ustinova:

Ksenia Ustinova received both her B.S. in Physical Education/Physical Therapy and her Pedagogy Ph.D. from the Russian State University of Sport, Moscow Russia. Dr. Ustinova researches the mechanisms of motor control and learning and their disruption in patients with different neurological diseases; the recovery and compensation of sensorimotor functions after neurological injury with the use of new rehabilitation techniques including virtual reality and biofeedback.


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  • Ustinova KI, Ioffe MI, Chernikova LA (2003) Age-related features of the voluntary control of the upright posture, Fiziol Cheloveka, 29:74-78
  • Ustinova KI, Goussev VM, Balasubramaniam R, Levin MF (2004) Disruption of co-ordination between arm, trunk and centre of pressure displacement in patients with hemiparesis. Motor Control, 8:139-160
  • Ustinova KI, Ioffe ME, Chernikova LA, Illarioshkin SN, Markova ED (2004) Learning of voluntary control of posture using biofeedback in the patients with spinocerebellar degenerations Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 104:64-70
  • Ioffe ME, Ustinova KI, Chernikova LA, Luk’yanova YA, Ivanova-Smolenskaya IA, Kulikov MA. (2004) Characteristics of learning voluntary control of posture in lesions of the pyramidal and nigrostriatal systems. Neurosc Behav Physiol, 34:543-549
  • Ioffe ME, Ustinova KI, Chernikova LA, Kulikov MA. (2006) Learning postural tasks in patients with hemiparesis, Parkinson’s disease and cerebellar ataxia. Exp Brain Res, 168:384-394
  • Ustinova KI, Fung J, Levin MF. (2005) Disruption of bilateral temporal coordination during arm swinging in patients with hemiparesis. Exp Brain Res. 2006, 169(2):194-2076: 1-14
  • Ustinova KI, Levin MF, Feldman AG. (2006) Central resetting of neuromuscular steady states may underlie rhythmical arm movements. J Neurophysiol. 2006, 96(3):1124-34
  • Ioffe M.E., Chernikova L.A., Ustinova KI. (2007) Role of the cerebellum in learning postural task. Cerebellum. 2007, 6(1):87-94.
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