Moving Forward, Re​aching Farther: Creating Solutions to Health Disparities among Underse​rved Families​

​Traverse City, Michigan
September 6-8, 2017

Come join us for the 2017 Parent-Child Interaction Therapy International Convention in the picturesque Traverse City, Michigan! Resting in the idyllic heart of Grand Traverse Bay, Traverse City is a four-season playground surrounded by sugar-sand shorelines, romantic lighthouses, and glacier-sculpted orchards and vineyards. Besides such beautiful environs, we are pleased to announce the convention’s title - Moving Forward, Reaching Farther: Creating Solutions to Health Disparities among Underserved Families.

With ample and increasing evidence supporting the efficacy of parent-child interaction therapy, our community of clinicians, researchers, clients, and stakeholders continues to grow. As we reflect upon PCIT’s great legacy and achievements, we also look to the future and for ways to further improve its implementation and dissemination. In short, PCIT works—but how do we make it more accessible for families of all backgrounds?

With this important question in mind, the 2017 Convention has two main themes: Moving Forward and Reaching Farther. In line with the first theme of Moving Forward, the convention will concentrate on discussing, developing, and teaching promising new applications of PCIT as well as cutting-edge methods to enhance its fidelity, acceptability, and effectiveness​. Consistent with the second theme of Reaching Farther, the convention will also focus on innovative proposals and empirically-supported methods of bringing PCIT and its incredible benefits to more families and modern frontiers, such as new international and non-traditional treatment settings. Convention events will include workshops, research presentations, solution-focused groups, and much more!

Regardless of whether you are brand-new to the PCIT community or a decades-long member, join us for this ground-breaking endeavor!