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Chairperson: Guy Newland​​ ​
Philosophy Area Coordinator: Andrew Blom
Executive Secretary: ​Betty Lewis


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    Philosophy is the study of fundamental questions about reality, knowledge, and value.  In the western world such study began when the Greeks first established inquiry independent of certain creeds.  Philosophy develops the critical and analytical ability required for understanding the complexities involved in the analysis and solution of problems.
    The study of Religion examines ideas through which cultures explore the meaning of life and phenomena which societies consider sacred, such as narratives, rituals, and institutional practices.  Its analysis includes historical, anthropological, sociological, and textual approaches.  It regards religion as an integral component of human societies, whose study is essential to a balanced education.


      Department Mission Statement

      The Department of Philosophy and Religion seeks to maintain and enhance its excellence in teaching and research in the discipline of philosophy and in the academic study of religion.  We are also committed to the continuation of our tradition of outstanding service to the university and the community. 

      In the fall of 1998, the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Religion were merged to become the Department of Philosophy and Religion.