Image of Diebenkorn landscape paintingAssociate Professor of Philosophy
Central Michigan University
Department of Philosophy & Religion

Campus Address: Anspach 305A
Telephone: (989) 774-3570


B. Litt., Oxford University, 1970


Moral Problems, Business Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Foundations of Cognitive Science ​

Research Interests:

Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Music, Personal Identity

Select Publications:


  • A new edition of Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature, co-edited with R. Stecker and J. Wright (London, 2003) 
  • John Locke: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding in Focus, co-edited with J. Wright and R. Stecker (Routledge, 2000)


  • “Empty Names and Pragmatic Implications,“ (with Fred Adams) Canadian Journal of Philosophy Vol. 37, No. 3 (Fall 2007): 449-462.
  • “Bonjour's A Priori Justification of Induction,“ (with John Meixner) Contributions of the Austrian Wittgenstein Society (2003). 
  • “Personal Identity, Reflections (Longman, 2002). 
  • “Understanding Persons by Mental Simulation, Appraisal (England, 2002).
  • “The Semantics of Fictional Names,” (with R. Adams and B. Stecker) Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (1997). 
  • “Simulation and Psychological Concepts,” Davies and Stone, eds.,Mental Simulation (Blackwell, 1995). 
  • “Survival and Teleportation, Becoming Persons (England, 1995)
  • “The Semantics of Thought,” (with Adams and Stecker) Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (1992).
  • “A Critique of Dennett,” (with Yu) Synthese (1986). 
  • “Reductionism and Empathy, Southern Journal of Philosophy (1978).


Honors Teacher of the Year, 2005 (with Peter Koper)​