​​Faculty Presentations & Announcements

J. Cherie Strachan co-authored an article appearing in the E-Journal of Public Affairs, which is published by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.  The article details efforts to launch the Consortium for Inter-Campus SoTL Research (CIRS) and analyzes data from the Consortium’s first multi-campus research project, the National Survey of Student Leaders (NSSL).  The article will be reprinted as a chapter in a forthcoming edited collection on civic engagement across the disciplines, published by the American Political Science Association.  A second chapter in the same edited collection recommends best practices for cultivating civic engagement with deliberative pedagogy. 


Strachan has also recently been invited to submit a book chapter addressing her work on partisan polarization and political civility for an edited published by the National Institute for Civil Discourse.   

So Hee Jeon presented researches with co-authors on the topics of diversity management, organizational ethics, and whistleblowing at the 2016 Annual Conference of American Society for Public Administration. 

J. Cherie Strachan has agreed to serve as external thesis adviser for an MA student at The George Washington University Graduate School of Public Management. The master’s project will assess the current levels of professionalization in local political campaigns, a trend first documented and explained in Strachan’s 2003 book, High-Tech Grassroots, The Professionalization of Local Elections.

Faculty Publications

In the last three years, David Jesuit has published several articles and chapters in books:

“Fiscal Redistribution in Comparative Perspective: Recent Evidence from the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) Data Centre,” (with Vincent A. Mahler). In The Political Economy of Public Finance, Marc Buggeln, Martin Daunton and Alexander Nützenadel (eds.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 177-198 (2017).


“Multilevel Governance in North America: The Case of the Detroit River International Crossing,” (with Anthony Jesuale and Ian Roberge). Journal of Borderlands Studies 30: 163-74 (2015).


“Electoral Turnout and State Redistribution: A Cross-National Study of 14 Developed Countries,” (with Vincent A. Mahler and Piotr R. Paradowski). Political Research Quarterly 67: 361-373 (2014).


“Governing in Volatile Times: Government Performance and Trust in Public Managers.” In Governance and Public Management: Strategic Foundations for Volatile Times, Charles Conteh, Thomas Greitens, David K. Jesuit and Ian Roberge (eds.), Milton Park, UK: Routledge, 131-151, (2014).


He has also co-edited one book:

Governance and Public Management: Strategic Foundations for Volatile Times, Co-editor (with Charles Conteh, Thomas Greitens and Ian Roberge). Milton Park, UK: Routledge (2014).


Finally, he is co-editing a volume entitled Making Governance Work: Policy Making in an Era of Polarized Politics, with an expected publication in either late 2017 or early 2018.

J. Cherie Strachan, along with her co-author Elizabeth A. Bennion, published an article in the

January 2016 issues of PS Political Science. The article, titled Extending assessment beyond our

own programs and campuses: The National Survey of Student Leaders and the Consortium for

Inter-Campus SoTL Research, highlights Strachan's efforts to promote civic engagement and

pedagogy research across the discipline of political science. The Consortium is undertaking a

new multi-campus research project in the fall to assess students reactions to rude politics in

American electoral campaigns.


Strachan also has a forthcoming book chapter, Deliberative pedagogy’s feminist potential:

Teaching our students to cultivate a more inclusive public sphere, which will be published in

Longo, Nicholas V., Schaffer, Timothy J. and Thomas, Maxine S., Eds. Deliberative Pedagogy and

Democratic Engagement: Making Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Relevant to the

Adaptive Challenges of our Communities. East Lansing, MI:  Michigan State University Press.


Policing Africa: The Politics of Petroleum and the Africa Command" by CMU Political Science Professors, Sterling Johnson.



Kukla-Acevedo, S., & Heflin, C.M. (2014). Unemployment insurance effects on child academic outcomes: Results from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. Children and Youth Services Review, 47, 3, 246-252. 

CMU Political Science & Public Administration Professor, Thomas Greitens has co-authored an article in the current issue of Public Administration Review entitled "Contract Management Capacity Breakdown? An Analysis of U.S. Local Governments."

  • "Political Civility--Introduction to Political Civility." PS: Political Science & Politics, Volume 45, Issue 03, July 2012, pp 401-404. <view online>
  • "Incivility and Standing Firm: A Second Layer of Partisan Division." PS: Political Science & Politics, Volume 45, Issue 03, July 212, pp 428-434. <view online>

Prakash Adhikari co-authored an article in the April 2012 issue of Journal of Conflict Resolution." <read article>

Adhikari, Prakash and Lisa A. Bryant. 2017. "Sampling Hard-to-Locate Populations: Lessons from Sampling Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)." In The Oxford Handbook of Polling and Polling Methods, Lonna R. Atkeson and R. Michael Alvarez (ed.) Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Adhikari, Prakash and Mahendra Lawoti. 2015. "Nepal." In An Introduction to South Asian Politics, Neil DeVotta (ed.) London and New York: Routledge.

Adinkrah, Mensah and Prakash Adhikari. 2014. "Gendered Injustice: A Comparative Analysis of Witchcraft Beliefs and Witchcraft-Related Violence in Ghana and Nepal." International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology 6(10):314-321. 

Adhikari, Prakash. 2013. "Conflict-Induced Displacement, Understanding the Causes of Flight." American Journal of Political Science­ 57(1): 82-89.

Faculty Awards​

Prakash Adhikari was awarded the Tom L. Popejoy Dissertation Prize, University of New Mexico 2013.

Prakash Adhikari has won the Provost's Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity for 2015-16.

Prakash Adhikari was awarded a Early Career (EC) Grant (C62544). Office of Research and Sponsored Program, Central Michigan University ($45,000). Project: Transitional Justice in the Aftermath of Violent Conflict 2016.

Prakash Adhikari was awarded a Faculty Research and Creative Endeavors (FRCE) Grant. Office of Research and Graduate Studies, Central Michigan University ($8,000). Project: Public Opinion and the Domestic Reputation of Post-Conflict & Post-Disaster Relief Programs 2018.