​Mission Statement

To educate and train undergraduate and graduate students in an environment conducive to intellectual growth.  To conduct basic and applied research in order to advance the state of knowledge in the discipline of political science and to improve the quality of government and civic involvement at all levels.

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration represents a diversity of academic interest, political involvement, and professional experiences.  The faculty includes members who are involved in political parties, campaigns and elections, as well as interest group politics which is especially important in Michigan. 

History of the Department of Political Science & Public Administration

In 2014, the Department of Political Science was renamed to the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. The Department of Political Science was created in the spring of 1966 when it was separated from the Department of History and Political Science by the Board of Trustees.  The 1966-67 CMU Bulletin is the first to show an independent Department of Political Science. Dr. James Davis was the first chair. Dr. Richard Wysong had been chair of the combined department. On October 7, 1966, page 3 CMLife reports on the creation of the new Department of Political Science. Previous to that, Political Science courses were offered by the Department of History and Civics which started in 1897. CMU Political Science classes started to be offered in 1903.

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