J. Cherie Strachan


J. Cherie Strachan received her doctorate in political science from the Statue University of New York at Albany in 2000. She is currently Co-Director of the Civic Engagement Division, and Professor of Political Science at Central Michigan University. She is the author of High-Tech Grassroots: The Professionalization of Local Elections, as well as numerous articles and book chapters.

Her recent publications focus on the role of civility in a democratic society, as well as on college-level civic education interventions intended to enhance students' civic skills and identities. Her applied research, which focuses on facilitating student-led deliberative discussions sessions and on enhancing campus civil society, has resulted in an affiliation with the Kettering Foundation.

She is also the co-founder of the Consortium for Inter-Campus SoTL Research, which facilitates cross-campus data collection for civic engagement and pedagogy research in political science.

Honors Courses

  • Civil Society & Politics
  • Interest Groups
  • Women & Politics
  • Strategic Campaign Communication

Undergraduate Courses

  • Civil Society & Politics
  • Freshmen Year Experience
  • Deliberative Extracurricular Sessions 
  • Political Behavior
  • Communication in Political Decision Making
  • Persuasion in Public Relations
  • Political Parties
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • Lobbying/Interest Groups
  • Mass Media and American Politics 
  • Women in American Politics
  • Introduction to American Government, Writing Intensive
  • Communication and Political Science Internships, Writing Intensive

Graduate Courses

  • Scholarly Traditions in Political Science
  • Introduction to Research Methods
  • Communication in Political Decision-Making
  • Communication and Citizen Participation
  • Theories and Research in Political Communication
  • Lobbying/Interest Groups
  • Political Science Internships