November 20, 2002

Held November 20, 2002, this was the second in a series of the Robert & Marjorie Griffin Endowed Chair forums. The panel included A.T. Frank (State Representative), Mark Jansen (State Representative), Heath Meriwether (publisher, Detroit Free Press), Dr. Michael Rao (president, Central Michigan University), William Johnson (trustee, Central Michigan University), Dr. Rick Kurtz (professor, CMU Political Science Department), Dr. Lawrence Sych (professor, CMU Political Science Department), Gloria Owens (student, Central Michigan University) and Elizabeth Clark (student, Central Michigan University). The moderator for this forum was Dr. Del Ringquist (professor, CMU Political Science Department). The forum topic was over the uncertainty of the future of higher education in Michigan. The forum was held in Anspach Room 161.

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