April 18, 2002

Held April 18, 2002, at The Historic Players Playhouse in downtown Detroit, this panel discussion centered on the long standing debate regarding the use of term limits for elected officials in the state of Michigan. The discussion covered a vast majority of the term limits issue, including public sentiment towards term limits, the impacts of term limits on government, and possible alternatives and modifications to current term limiting procedures used in the state of Michigan.


  • Patrick Anderson, Anderson Economic Group, a division of BBK Ltd.
  • Chris Christoff, The Detroit Free Press, Lansing Bureau
  • Richard Cole, Senior Vice President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan
  • Ron Dzwonkowski, Editorial Page Editor, The Detroit Free Press
  • Stacie Rumenap, Executive Director, U.S. Term Limits, Washington D.C.
  • Dr. Lawrence Sych, Chairperson, Central Michigan University, Department of Political Science