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Zachary Gostlin - Spring 2013

Rock Creek Park Nature Center and Planetarium

"Given the massive experience I received from the Washington Center, it is certain that the lessons learned here will resonate for years to come. The friends I have made, the knowledge I have gained, and the confidence I have built are all a testament to the hard work that I completed over the semester. The knowledge of the professional environment through the academic course and the internship will be invaluable when I transition from a student to the workforce. The opportunity to just experience Washington, D.C. was also a tremendous opportunity to step outside the classroom and gain experience in how the government actually operates."


Sean Martinez - Spring 2013

Near East South Asian Center for Strategic Studies (NESA)

"The skills that I have developed from my time in Washington, D.C. have been academic, leadership techniques, and networking. . . . I am as undecided about what I want to do as a career, as I was before this program. The difference, however, is now I am more informed about the different career paths, and have contacts in each one that I can contact for help anytime. The day that I do decide which path is right for me, I will be able to contact someone in that field and take the right steps down that path. Whatever career I choose, my experiences this semester have academically, professionally, and mentally prepared me for success."


Katie Conley – Spring 2014   

Internship at Whittmer and Worrall (lobbying firm)

"Coming to Washington, DC, I had no idea what to expect for any aspect of my experience.  Speaking to my closest friend before I left home, I was afraid of not making friends, not being successful, and really not knowing what I would get out of this experience.  One thing I did know, however, was that this was the opportunity of a lifetime – one that had me more excited than I had been for my study abroad. . . . Although I am a political science student with an obvious interest in government affairs, I had no idea that my life would bring me to the epicenter of American politics.  This semester has been as transformational as they said it would be at orientation and perhaps one of the best of my life."


The Washington Center Internships  

Semester and Summer Long Internships - 3 Program Components:

  • Internship: Choose among many in several areas including: Politics & Public Policy; Advocacy, Service, and the Arts; International Affairs; Media & Communications, Law and Criminal Justice
  • The LEAD Colloquium: Speakers’ Series; Small Group Sessions, Civic Engagement Project; Public Policy Dialogues on Capitol Hill, Professional Development Portfolio, Career Boot Camp 
  • Academic Course: Choose from courses in several areas including: American Politics and Public Policy, International Affairs and Foreign Policy; Law and Criminal Justice; Leadership; Communications

​PSC credits - 15 hours in fall or spring; 12 hours in summer divided as follows: 

  • Fall and Spring Semesters - 9 hours of PSC 395 (internship), 6 hours of PSC 390 (independent study) - 3 hours for academic course requirement and 3 hours for Leadership Forum
  • Summer Term - 6 hours of PSC 395, 6 hours of PSC 390 as above

Some of the credits for PSC 390 and PSC 395 may be used to fulfill requirements and electives on the Political Science, Public and Nonprofit Administration and International Relations majors. The other credits will go towards the 124 credits needed for graduation.  


Nathaniel Wiebenga - Fall 2013
Internship at Tech America

"I came here to live and grow and that is exactly what I have done. I lived with a Greek, a Brazilian, and an Indian. . . .This has been an amazing opportunity. I was blessed with great roommates who have turned into, hopefully, lifelong friends. I was blessed with a great internship opportunity. I had one of the best supervisors I could have asked for. I was given a lot of responsibility and held accountable but I never worried that he didn't trust me or think I couldn't handle something. I got an opportunity to connect with the community and tutor kids in an inner city school. I missed home a lot. I was scared. I didn't want to come to D.C. in the beginning of the semester. I thought I had made a mistake. Now I don't want to leave."​


Michael Vermeesch, Spring 2015

"I am sad that my time in Washington, D.C. is coming to an end.  The semester has gone by so fast!  The Washington Center has been an amazing experience and I will recommend it to everyone I meet."


Tyler Townes, Fall 2015

"Overall the Washington Center as well as the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies has had an immense impact on me as a young professional.  Before I came to D.C., I would not have considered giving myself that label."


Housing & Expenses:

Washington Center Housing:

Two apartment complexes near Capitol Hill and Union Station - Residential and Academic Facility (RAF) and Residential Facility at Elevation. ​

Estimated Expenses for Spring 2017:

(based on CMU in-state tuition for 15 hours plus housing and other expenses)

TWC: $16,445                CMU: $11,747*              difference = $4,698

Three to four scholarships of approximately $4000 each to be awarded by the CMU Department of Political Science and Public Administration. This scholarship should cover most of the gap between the costs of spending a semester in Washington D.C. rather than Mt. Pleasant. Your regular financial aid usually can be used to pay for the TWC program and your CMU tuition will be waived. Financial aid also is available through TWC.

*= based on 2016/2017 tuition rates 

Estimated Expenses for Summer 2017:
(based on CMU in-state tuition for 12 hours plus housing and other expenses)

TWC: $12,980               CMU: $8,030*              difference = $4,950

Four $3,000 scholarships to be awarded by CMU Department of Political Science and Public Administration. This scholarship will help cover the gap between the costs of spending a summer in Washington D.C. rather than Mt. Pleasant. Your regular financial aid usually can be used to pay for the TWC program and your CMU tuition will be waived. Financial aid also is available through TWC.


Matthew Brown - Summer 2013
Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation

"My experience in Washington, D.C. has definitely been one that has changed my perspective of myself as a leader, person, and part of society. I now feel more confident in myself and more able to achieve my goals. . . . It was a powerful experience to finally be around people who shared my ambition and motivation. . . . This has been my first experience living in a true urban area and seeing society from that perspective definitely changed how I felt about my role in the world. Truly transformative experiences come along very rarely in life, and the Washington Center definitely delivered on the promise that was repeated over and over again the opening moments of the opening ceremony."

 Joy Johnson - Summer 2013
Washington Strategic Consulting

"The idea of spending the summer in our nation's capital, where all major policy decisions and ground-breaking legislation are made, brought on an exhilarating sense of anticipation for me. . . . Being able to learn more about an area of government, such as legislation and public policy, which I am thoroughly interested in, has been better than I could have ever imagined. On top of this, participating in my internship and the other facets of The Washington Center program have made this a worthwhile experience that I will not soon forget. . . . I have been able to see, hear and learn about so many things that I would not be exposed to in my home state of Michigan. . . . I am grateful to have this opportunity and will continue to use the skills I gained participating in The Washington Center program upon returning to my home university and beyond."


Applications & Deadlines:

Application materials include: resume, writing sample, statement of interest, transcript and two letters of recommendation. You must meet with Dr. Baugh or Dr. Kukla-Acevedo before beginning your application. You should see them at least 10 days before the TWC deadline. Apply online at

Spring 2017

TWC Priority Deadline* October 15, 2016

TWC Regular Deadline November 15, 2016

Summer 2017

TWC Priority Deadline* February 15, 2017

TWC Regular Deadline March 15, 2017

* Priority Deadline: In order to be included in the first round of consideration for financial assistance from TWC; also for obtaining security clearance at some internship sites.

Important Dates Spring 2017

Check-in: January 25, 2017                                                                                                   

Orientation: January 25-27, 2017                                            

Internships begins: January 30, 2017                           

Internship ends: May 11, 2017                            

Check-out: May 13, 2017  


Important Dates Summer 2017

Check-in: May 24, 2017                                                                                                   

Orientation: May 24-26, 2017                                            

Internships begins: May 30, 2017                           

Internship ends: August 3, 2017                            

Check-out: August 5, 2017  


Eligibility for Internship:

  • Political Science, Public and Nonprofit Administration, International Relations majors
  • Junior-senior status
  • 3.0 overall GPA 


Ryan Shaver - Fall 2013
United States Marshals Service B National Sex Offender Targeting Center

"My time interning at the National Sex Offender Targeting Center, through The Washington Center program, has honestly been one of the best parts of my college career. I was very lucky to land the internship that I did, as it fit my own interest areas almost perfectly. . . . This semester I also learned a great deal about leadership and how one becomes a leader. The overarching lesson I walk away with is that leadership is about taking initiative, communication, learning to trust others and earning their trust in return. . . .In total, my experiences here in D.C. have helped better prepare me for my chosen path, and also helped me realize that I wasn't interested in an alternative path that I had been considering."


Jacob Parry – Fall 2014                                                                                                                            Internship at the Open World Leadership Center

"My semester in Washington D.C. has been life changing. . . . Before even arriving in Washington, I thought this was going to be a turning point in my life.  Now reflecting, I can say with full confidence I was right.  The skills I have honed here and the people I met have opened avenues and doors for me I didn't know existed. . . . I have grown professionally, personally, and academically. . . . My Washington Center experience will certainly be one I always remember, and the lessons and knowledge I have learned while being here will assist me in all of my future endeavors."

The Washington Center Academic Seminars
Open to All Majors

Interested in earning 3 hours of academic credit and building your professional network in Washington, D.C., in 1-2 weeks? Consider participating in one of The Washington Center’s Academic Seminars. These seminars offer

you the opportunity to network on Capitol Hill, experience the inner ​workings of Washington, and learn first-hand from some of the nation's top leadership. 

These 1-2 week programs are held in January ("Inside Politics") and May ("National Security"). They provide an in-depth look into important current issues and "include experiential fieldwork, relevant site visits or tours, panel interviews and small group discussions." 

For more information about the seminars, please visit​minars and contact Dr. Joyce Baugh, (989) 774-3475,, about earning CMU credits. 

Political Science, Public and Nonprofit Administration and International Relations majors may counted these credits towards their programs.  Other majors must consult with their advisors to determine how to count the credit hours towards their major or degree.

Eligibility for Academic Seminars - Welcome to all CMU Majors

  • junior status by the time the seminar begins
  • minimum 2.75 GPA


Dan Urchick, National Security Seminar, Summer 2015

"So many interesting people to hear from and network with, both lecturers and fellow students."


Jeb Allen, National Security Seminar, Summer 2015

"The speakers are excellent and they make it challenging."


 James Jimenez, Inside Washington Seminar, Spring 2015

"I met a bunch of really great people and saw things through lens that I had not used before. Of course, it certainly helped that it was my first time in DC, which made my time there all the more cherished.  A childhood dream of mine became reality."



2017 Seminar - Inside Washington 2017: The Presidential Inauguration

January 8-21, 2017

Application Deadline: October 21, 2016  (priority); November 11, 2016 (regular)

Program Fee (covers housing and credit) 

Costs: $2,295; $200 deposit (applied towards program fee)

Qualified majors in Political Science, Public and Nonprofit Administration and International Relations may be awarded up to $200 from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration to help defray program costs. 

CMU TWC Alumni and Placement Location:

Summer 2017

Chandler Stewart

Anna Owens

Samantha Silvi - Cyber Security Seminar

Spring 2017

Samuel Bork, Representative Moolenaar from Michigan's 4th Congressional District

Andrew Adams, Presidental Inauguration Seminar

Mackenzie McMahon, Presidental Inauguration Seminar

Spring 2016

William Anderson, TWC Inside Washington Seminar

Fall 2015

Tyler Townes, International Center for Terrorism Studies at The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

Summer 2015

James Allen, TWC National Security Seminar

Daniel Urchick, TWC National Security Seminar

           TWC Alumni in Residence Program Spring 2016

Spring 2015

James Jimenez, TWC Inside Washington Seminar

Michael Vermeesch, United Planning Organization

Fall 2014

Jacob Parry, Open World Leadership Center

Summer 2014

Rebecca Milhouse, The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Tyler Winowiecki, TWC Academic Seminar

Spring 2014

Katie Conley, Lobbying Firm Whitmer & Worrall

           TWC Alumni in Residence Program Fall 2015

Michael Jacques, Arthritis Foundation

Fall 2013

Ryan Shaver, United States Marshals Service

Nathan Wiebenga, Lobbying Firm Tech America

Summer 2013

Matthew Brown, Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation

Joy Johnson, Washington Strategic Consulting

Spring 2013

Sean Martinez, North East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies

Zachary Gostlin, Rock Creek Nature Center and Planetarium -  Zach's Blog


Michael Jacques, Spring 2014

"Above everything else I am thankful for resulting from this internship, the foundation it has laid for my future goals and aspirations is the most gratifying.  The Washington Center has honestly been the greatest blessing, because it has taught me about the wide variety of options I have for the future.  My time in this internship program could not have been better spent, and I would most certainly not trade it for any other experience in my life."


Rebecca Milhouse, Summer 2014

"This program is more than just an internship; it is a great opportunity to live, work and explore D.C. and make friends with students from across the country and around the world."  The Washington Center program overall is the greatest learning experience I have had.  My civic engagement, academic course, and my internship have all helped me learn and grow as a person."

Contact Information: 

For more information, please contact Dr. Sharon Kukla-Acevedo, or Dr. Thomas Greitens, (989)774-3862,