​The Master of Arts (MA) program in Political Science at Central Michigan University is designed for students who are planning to pursue further graduate education and for students who, for reasons of career enhancement or of specialized training for employment, are seeking a Master's degree as their ultimate goal. The Department provides students with rigorous academic training in the discipline and offers students the option to specialize either in the study of American Politics or Comparative Politics and International Relations.

This preparation enables CMU graduates to be competitive when applying to Ph.D. programs, law schools or other graduate programs. In addition, CMU MA graduates will be well-prepared for a wide range of other careers, including federal, state and local government, the Foreign Service, teaching at the community college or high school level, and careers in the private sector.

Goals and Objectives

  • Educating students about the diversity of models, approaches, and intellectual traditions within Political Science;
  • Training students in the appropriate research skills necessary to complete their research objectives;
  • Preparing students for entrance into Ph.D. programs in Political Science, entrance into law schools, entrance into public service, or for upgrading their credentials for careers in teaching, including primary and secondary education;
  • Developing students' ability to critically analyze and evaluate scholarly work;
  • Fostering students' ability to think critically and effectively express their thoughts in written and oral communication;
  • Encouraging and mentoring students' professional growth through research and presentations at professional conferences;
  • Providing opportunities to network within the field of study through internships, honorary organizations and on-campus events.