A student must complete a minimum of 33 hours according to the plan of study below. At least 15 of the hours presented for the degree must be in courses at or above the 600 level.

Required Courses (24 hours)          

PSC 520 - American National Government and Politics 3(3-0)
PSC 522 - Regulatory Processes and Administrative Law 3(3-0)
PSC 551 - Seminar in International Relations 3(3-0)
PAD 623 -Public Policy Processes and Evaluation 3(3-0)
PSC 640 - Seminar in Comparative Politics 3(3-0)
PSC 670 - Justice, Freedom, Equality: Essential Political Ideas 3(3-0)
PSC 680 - Methodology of Political Research 3(3-0)
PSC 682 - Techniques of Political Research 3(3-0)

Electives (3 hours)           

Select one of the following courses: 

PAD 585 - Public Sector Information Technology Management 3(3-0)
PAD 610 - Foundations of Public Administration 3(3-0)
PAD 622 - Strategic Planning for Public/Non-Profit Organizations 3(3-0)
PAD 661 - Administration and Policy in American State Government 3(3-0)
PAD 785 - Strategic Leadership 3(3-0)
PSC 515 - Comparative Public Policy 3(3-0)
PSC 516 - Environmental Politics and Policy 3(3-0)
PSC 555 - International Law I 3(3-0)
PSC 556 - International Law II 3(3-0)
PSC 563 - Politics and Policy in Urban Communities 3(3-0)
PSC 566 - Intergovernmental Relations in the United States 3(3-0)
PSC 583 - Survey Research 3(3-0)
PSC 615 - Politics and Regulation of Health Care Policy 3(3-0)
PSC 642 - Problems and Processes of International Development I 3(3-0)
PSC 651 - Comparative Political & Economic Systems 3(3-0)
PSC 761 - Seminar in American State Government 3(3-0)

Plan Option (6 hours)           

Select either Plan A or Plan B:

Plan A - Thesis (6 hours)           

Thesis and Oral Defense 
Students selecting Plan A are required to complete a Thesis.

By their final semester of graduate coursework, students must enroll in Thesis (PSC 798). Prior to the final semester, the student shall form a Master's Thesis Committee, including a Chair and two additional members, complete and submit a prospectus, and schedule a defense date. The Thesis must be a complete significant original scholarly work. This Committee shall determine whether the completed thesis is satisfactory for permanent filing. In addition, students will be required to complete an oral defense of their thesis before the Committee.
PSC 798 - Thesis 1-6(Spec)                                                                         

Plan B - Non-Thesis Option (6 hours)           

Two papers and oral defense 
Students completing the Plan B are required to take 6 additional hours of coursework and present revisions of two seminar papers as evidence of scholarly achievement. 

Although students planning to continue their studies in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Political Science are strongly advised to pursue the Plan A option, the Department also offers a Plan B option for those students who expect the M.A. to be their terminal degree. The Plan B option requires students to 

  1. complete 6 additional hours of graduate coursework (in lieu of 6 hours of Thesis Writing); and 
  2. submit two research papers as evidence of scholarship. These papers must be prepared in connection with a seminar, an independent research course, or a graduate-level course in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. 

Before a student's final semester, the student shall form a Plan B Paper Committee, including a Chair and two additional members. This committee shall determine whether the submitted papers are satisfactory for permanent filing. Satisfactory papers must demonstrate substantial revisions from the final version submitted at the close of the seminar, independent research course, or graduate-level course in the Department of Political Science. Students will provide a cover letter for each research paper that describes the type and extent of revisions undertaken. This cover letter should provide a point-by-point response to any concerns raised by the instructor, as well as a clear description and explanation of additions made to the paper. In addition, students will be required to complete an oral defense of each of these papers before the Committee. A minimum of 20-25 pages for each paper is suggested.

Total: 33 semester hours

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