​Two papers and Oral Defense

Students completing the Plan B are required to take 6 additional hours of coursework and present two seminar papers as evidence of scholarly achievement.

Although students planning to continue their studies in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Political Science are strongly advised to pursue the Plan A option, the Department offers a Plan B option for those students who expect the M.A. to be their terminal degree.

Students completing the Plan B are required to: 
  • complete 6 additional hours of graduate coursework (in lieu of 6 hours of Thesis Writing).
  • submit two research papers as evidence of scholarship. These papers must be prepared in connection with a seminar, an independent research course, or a graduate-level course in the Department of Political Science.

Accordingly, before a student's final semester, the student shall form a Plan B Paper Committee, including a Chair and one additional faculty member. This Committee shall determine whether the submitted papers, normally after revisions, are satisfactory for permanent filing. In addition, students will be required to complete an oral defense of each of these papers before the Committee. A minimum of 15-20 pages for each paper is suggested.

Total: 30 semester hours