​MPA graduates are leaders. They lead their communities and organizations on the basis of advanced skills with a dedication to democratic values and public service. In today's global society, such leadership takes many forms and occurs in a variety of settings. The mission of the graduate program in public administration is to develop both the general knowledge and specific abilities needed for leadership in a fast changing world. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to act ethically and effectively in public management, state & local government, and to transcend traditional boundaries in the pursuit of prosperous, safe, and healthy communities.

The program offers flexibility and innovation in curriculum design to meet the diverse educational needs of part-time and full-time students, including evening courses, weekend courses, seminars, and internet enhanced learning (through our college of extended learning). Because careers in administration are varied and include the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, the curriculum is designed to develop advanced executive abilities through a combination of core competencies and specialized areas of concentration. Satisfactory completion of the program of study leads to the award of the master of public administration (MPA) degree.

The M.P.A. degree consists of a minimum of 37 credit hours. For pre-service students, 3 credits will be internship credits. For this purpose pre-service is defined as a student having no prior service experience in the public sector prior to being admitted into the program.​

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