​​​​​​​​​Assessment Center

Melissa Tuttle, Ph.D
Director of Autism Assessment

Melissa is the director of Autism Assessment at Central Michigan University. Her interests include autism diagnostic assessment and intervention using the principles of applied behavior analysis.

​Karen Rathmann, MD

Dr. Rathmann is a Board Certified Pediatrician.

Jenna Marr, MA CCC-SLP​
Speech Language Pathologist


Treatment Center

Christie Nutkins, Ph.D., LP,  BCBA-D
Clinic Director

Dr. Nutkins' areas of interest includes the implementation of ABA principles within school based settings such as promoting more effective methods of conducting functional behavior analysis, use of direct instruction and teaching staff ways to reinforce positive classroom behaviors. An additional focus is examining ways to improve meaningful collaboration between preschool/school & clinical providers of behavior intervention services.

Seth Whiting, Ph.D.,  BCBA-D
Director of Training

Dr. Whiting has researched a variety of topics in behavior analysis including choice, gambling, delay discounting, self-control training, verbal behavior, additction, organizational behavior management, and technology development. Centered on complex behavior, his current interests include the analysis of reinforcement, verbal behavior, and motivating operations in the context of behavioral addictions, evaluation and implementation of the PEAK Relational Training System in autism services, and choice architecture in education, autism services, and gambling settings to facilitate optimal choice.

Michael G. Palmer, M.S.,  BCBA

Mr. Palmer's areas of interest include organizational behavior management and skill acquisition in both client and staff repertoires. He has published empirically-supported research on performance feedback in organizational and laboratory settings. His research interests include surveying the various effects of the components of performance feedback on employee behavior, how researcher and other participant's effect performance during laboratory experiments, and enhancing a behavior analytic approach to supervision.

Central Michigan University’s Central Autism Assessment & Treatment Center is funded by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services through the Michigan Legislature.