Renee Babcock

Position: Experimental Faculty
Campus Address: Sloan Hall 228, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
Phone: 989-774-3001​



Renee L. Babcock received her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992.  She has previously held an appointment at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, conducting research in aging and cognition.  She joined the faculty at Central Michigan University in 1997.


Research Interest:

Dr. Babcock's research is in the area of aging, with recent involving cross-cultural differences int the experience of worry and the development of children's stereotypes of aging.  A secondary interest is in ethical issues related to internet research.  Her research training is in experimental psychology, with an emphasis in normal adult development and aging of cognition.  Dr. Babcock's research in this area has been in adult age differences in memory and reaconing ability.   She had completed projects to examine the natire of adult differences on a nonverbal intelligence test.  In addition, she has studied adult age differences in computer anxiety and how this anxiety may affect performance on cognitive tests administered on a computer.


Recent Research:

Babcock, R.L., MaloneBeach, E.E., Hou, Beini, & Smith, M. (2012).  The Experience of Worry among Young and Older Adults in the United States and Germany: A Cross-National Comparison, Aging and Mental Health, 1, 1-10.

Woodworth-Hou, B., Babcock, R. L., MaloneBeach, E. E. (November, 2012). An intervention to reduce ageism in children. Presented at the 65th Annual Scientific Meetings of the Gerontological Society of America, San Diego, CA.

Babcock, R. L. MaloneBeach, E. E., Woodworth-Hou, B., & Hannighofer, J. (November, 2012). Age-Implicit Association Test (IAT): Measuring Children’s Stereotypes of Older Adults. Presented at the 65th Annual Scientific Meetings of the Gerontological Society of America, San Diego, CA.

Bush, J.C., Babcock, R.L., MaloneBeach, E.E., Hou, B. (April, 2012). The Effect of the Role of Grandparents on Ageism in Children.  Presented at the Student Research and Creative Endeavors Exhibition (SCREE), Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Janosky J.E., Babcock R.L., & Brentin, R.P. (March, 2009).  Incubators for Economic Development: The role of regional state colleges and universities in driving new, high-impact ventures. University Business.​